2018 Winter Olympics to be Hosted by South Korea in Pyeongchang

Winter Olympics in South Korea Pyeongchang

2018 Winter Olympics to be Hosted by South Korea in Pyeongchang

It’s never too soon to look forward to the 2018 Winter Olympics, right? The amazing athletes, die hard fans, and all the excitement in the air! What is there not to love?

Not too long ago it was announced that Pyeongchang, South Korea was to be the host of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Koreans are already marking their calendars and having a countdown for this monumental event. It is the first time since the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics that Korea has hosted the world renown sporting event. Baek Byung-yuel recently wrote about this exciting event. Therefore, some of the athletes currently favored in the games in an article here:

PyeongChang Winter Olympics celebrating one-year countdown

PyeongChang, the host to Korea’s first Winter Olympics in 2018, is celebrating the one-year countdown to the global sports events.

Next year’s Winter Olympics will be Korea’s second Olympic hosting following the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics and the third winter event in Asia, with the previous two being held in Japan in 1972 and 1998.

Beginning with the opening ceremony, Feb. 9, some 6,500 athletes and officials from 95 countries will compete for 102 gold medals in 15 disciplines at 12 venues for 17 days. Korea, has set its goal to win up to 20 medals, including eight gold.Winter sports stars, such as U.S. alpine skier Lindsey Vonn, Japanese ski jumper Sara Takanashi, speed skater Lee Sang-hwa, cross country skier Kim Magnus, Russian figure skaters Evgenia Medvedeva and Cha Jun-hwan, are expected to light up the quadrennial competition.

A few days after the Olympics, the Paralympic Winter Games will also take place for 10 days from March 9 to 18 with some 3,000 athletes from 45 countries. Read more…

Of course the Olympics can not exist without major brand sponsorships to fund the event. Hyundai Motor has been highlighted as being one of them. In the article below, Jhoo Dong-chan talks about how Hyundai is providing thousands of cars for the upcoming Winter Olympics in:

Hyundai Motor to provide 4,100 cars for PyeongChang Olympics

Hyundai Motor is set to help the upcoming PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games and Paralympics by providing transport vehicles during the sports event next year. The nation’s largest carmaker also sponsors Korea’s national bobsleigh team.

As an official tier-one sponsor of the world’s largest winter sports events as well as the largest festival for disabled athletics, Hyundai Motor has promised to offer some 4,100 vehicles

“It is such an honor for Hyundai Motor Group to contribute to the winter festival for global citizens,” said Hyundai Motor President Chung Jin-haeng during the signing ceremony for the sponsorship in July 2015. “We will provide our best support to help the event be a success.”

Back then, the PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games welcomed Hyundai Motor’s decision noting, “It will be a huge lift for the events’ smooth operation. We deeply appreciate it.”

Hyandai isn’t the only company that wants in on the fun. Electronics manufacturer, LG, expressed their desire to become part of the 2018 games as well when they became an official sponsor in 2016.

LG pushing to promote PyeongChang Winter Olympics

LG Corp. President Ha Hyeon-hoi met with executives of the organizing committee and signed an agreement to become an official sponsor for the international sporting event. Under the agreement, LG Group promised to build the POGOC office building in Gangwon Province and produce promotional material for the Winter Olympics including cinematic films, promotion videos, publications and outdoor advertisements. The group will also provide the Olympic torch and medals

“It is a great honor for LG Group to join the event as an official sponsor of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics,” Ha said. “We will closely work with POGOC and support the committee to host the world’s best Olympic Games here.”

Meanwhile, LG Electronics, the group’s largest affiliate, has provided funds and equipment for the national skeleton team as an official sponsor since 2015.

Under the agreement with the Korea Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation (KBSF), the company will sponsor the national team until March 2018. In April last year, the electronics company gave 100 million won ($87,313) to the Korean skeleton team as an incentive for the national athletes.

While we lack the economic power that giants such as Hyundai and LG have, we can still do our part to drum up excitement for this monumental sporting event. Like many others of its scale, we’ve already marked our calendars. Also, we are currently doing our prep work for the watch event which is on the way. While it may still be a way off, it’s never too early to get excited about an event like the Olympics! They only happen every four years after all!

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