3 Reasons Why you Need a Medical Tourism Agency

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3 Reasons Why you Need a Medical Tourism Agency

Medical tourism in South Korea

It’s no big secret that South Korea is a powerhouse when it comes to its medical infrastructure.  The International Medical Travel Journal reported that almost 400,00 tourists came to South Korea in 2018 for medical reasons. This number high than the number of tourists going to other countries like Dubai and Iran. And although South Korea has many reputable clinics and hospitals all over the country, Seoul takes the number one spot! Seoul city is home to an endless variety of specialty hospitals and clinics.

The options are endless! So just imagine what it must be like as a tourist who comes to the country for the first time trying to find a hospital. It’s already overwhelming enough planning a trip to another country, and so this is one last piece of stress that you need on your plate.  And that’s where a medical tourism agency comes to the rescue! Coming here for cosmetic surgery? Or even just general medicine, choosing to go with a medical tourism agency will make the medical travel experience a complete walk in the park.

As a tourist, this trip is an investment. And it’s important to invest wisely and be aware of the options available.  So here are 3 reasons to choose a medical tourism agency for your next trip to Seoul.

Helping you Find the Right Doctor

Ever have a hard time choosing what flavor to get at an ice cream shop? Your sample and try a variety of flavors until you find one that you satisfied with. But what if there are 100’s to choose from? You can continue to try all the flavors, finding some that somewhat meet your tastebuds. Now imagine doing the same thing when trying to find a hospital in Seoul, the plastic surgery capital. Although not impossible, most tourists who come for medical travel are given a 90-day medical visa.

And if you’re coming for any sort of cosmetic procedure things such as consultations, recovery, and follow-up appointments should be given enough time. So your time spends in South Korea is important. Even though it’s possible to go into every clinic, why spend that time hunting for the best clinic when there is an agency available to do it for you! One of the main roles of a medical tourism agency is to do all the heavy lifting. After filling out a questionnaire with all your specific needs and wants, it’s their job to go out and narrow down the right clinic for you.

Koreas medical infrastructure is continuously growing with countless facilities that are equally as reputable as the next. A medical tourism agency will find the best clinics that meet your needs. You’ll be introduced to well-known clinics and skilled doctors that meet your requirements.  Once those clinics and hospitals are narrowed down, consultations can begin! With all the extra time saved from spending days visiting clinics and hospitals, you can enjoy doing other activities around the city! Brining us to reason number 2.

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Curated Experiences

For some tourists, it might be their first trip to South Korea. And even though the trip might mainly be for medical travel, the trip should be more than just that! Being in a different country has so much to offer, from food, sightseeing, and cultural experience. Getting the most out of visiting South Korea should also be included during the visit. But where do you go? How do you sign up for events or tours? Yet another troublesome task that shouldn’t be included while traveling. And here is where a medical tourism agency comes to the rescue once again. Although one of their services include finding the best clinics, it shouldn’t stop there.

Making sure that this experience is also fun and significant should be a priority as well. Want to learn new makeup-up tips from a professional make-up artist in Seoul? Or experiences a luxury spa day? These are just some examples of curated experience packages offered by a medical tourism agency. Once a selected package is chosen, everything will be booked and handled by the agency ( scheduled around your treatment plan of course). You can customize these packages and even add-on other experiences that you want to have while in Seoul and enjoy new things!

Luxury Concierge Service

Coming to South Korea as an international patient can already be nerve-racking enough. Not being able to speak or read the language and properly voice your needs is tough.  Ideally, the trip here should somewhat feel like your home country meaning that it should be comfortable.  Not only does using a medical travel agency ensure the best medical care but they will create a personalized concierge package that meets your requirements. Need help with getting around Seoul? or just need assistance with finding the best accommodations for your stay? A medical tourism agency has got you all covered!

Regardless of what medical procedure like eyelid surgery or laser treatments, the packages created are case by case. On top of this, while using a medical travel agency clients are provided with 24/7 assistance to answer any questions and concerns. This is because you’ll be given a personal case manager that will be able to assist you. So you’ll never be alone during your time in Seoul.

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How to Start Planning

So there it is, 3 reasons why to use a medical tourism agency for your next trip to South Korea! The medical tourism industry was created just for tourists who travel internationally for medical purposes. Whether it be for cosmetic reasons or medical, the trip should be completely stress-free. All the worries and stress of planning a trip will be professionally handled with just a few easy steps.  From pre-departure to when it’s finally time to leave, a medical travel agency will be the finest guide throughout this experience.

So how to start? First, fill out a quick consultation form with general questions. This will be the best first step to start your journey. From there the planning process begins! Much simpler than choosing an ice cream with over 100 flavors, right?  Medical tourism agencies such as Seoul Cosmetic Surgery have a quick consultation page for those who are ready to start their medical travel planning! So what are you waiting for? Visit Seoul Cosmetic Surgery quick consultation page to get started!










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