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The First and No.1 Obesity Hospital certified safety and Liposuction skills from the Ministry of Health and Welfare!

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No.1 and the Biggest Obesity Hospital only focusing Obesity in Asia
365mc Liposuction Hospital is No.1 and the Biggest Obesity Hospital only focusing Obesity in Asia with 14 stories building, which has just opened its new main building located in Gyodae (Seoul Nat’ll University of Education ) area.


To ensure the convenience and comfortability of our foreign patient, we provide the several services starting from the consultation at the consultation room designated ONLY for Foreign customers, pre-operative examination, during the surgery, and post –operative treatment care.


As 365mc Liposuction Hospital is the biggest and Obesity Specialized, and to ensure the patients safety we equipped High Advanced Medical Equipment which being certified Ministry of Health and Welfare which applied to the standards of the Hospital Medical Standard.


Moreover, we also have 365mc’s safety systems such as Infection Management system, Full set of Emergency Equipment, and Surgeons’ Health Condition Verification System to prevent any emergency situation which might occurred and also identify the surgeons’ health condition so that the surgeons do the best and safely for the patients safety and satisfaction.


With 12 Liposuction Specialists on staff, 365mc has the Best Obesity Surgeons in Asia
We have 12 medical staff with Regional Liposuction Specialized who have expertise of 2000 Liposuction cases in each area of the body. In 365mc Liposuction Hospital, the doctors perform more than 1,000 surgeries every Month.


Aside from the Obesity surgeons. We also have a full time Liposuction Surgery Specialized Anesthesiologist who takes responsibility of the patients’anesthesia status during the surgery. We also have a Dermatologist and plastic surgeons to upgrade the body line after Liposuction Surgery.


As the medical directors are specialized each area of the body part, Thighs and Abdomen specialists are well-known as Let Me In Doctors which is the most popular Make-Up TV show in Asia.


Experienced doctors are not only can help the patient satisfaction of the results but can also responsible with the patients’ safety. We have a plenty of knowledge and know-how from the research about Obesity, so we can ensure the customers can get the most satisfaction and safest Liposuction Results.


Body Contouring
Love Handles
Mini Liposuction
Breast Fat Transplantation
Calf Reduction
Liposuction Revision


LAMS (Local Anesthesia Minimal-invasive lipo-Suction)


Lifting & Anti-Aging
Lipolysis Laser
Fat Grafting (Full Face)
Thread Lifting
Dark Circle Removal

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Over 10K, NO.1 Recored large amount of liposuction in Aisa.

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1657-1 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea