About Us - Seoul Cosmetic Surgery
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About Us

Welcome to Seoul Cosmetic Surgery

We are experts in the beauty industry and a government licensed & certified medical tourism agency located in Seoul. Our goal is focused on introducing you to the best world-class physicians located in Korea coupled with state of the art medical facilities that rank among the best the world has to offer.

We have established solid partnerships with both the best medical centers and government agencies. By doing this we have the ability to present you with a platform to receive the best affordable treatments for plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, and other general medical care.

What We Do

Seoul Cosmetic Surgery is a medical tourism agency located here in Korea. Our purpose is to provide the best medical services to our clients by selecting the most suitable doctors and hospitals. We work with people from all walks of life, and who hail from all over the world that come to us seeking medical treatment. Our clients have easy access to utilize our services via email or phone from any country, or can work with us through on-site branches and partners.

Seoul Cosmetic Surgery was established by and staffed with experts who have had a career in the beauty industry for a minimum of five years.  We know what a client wants and needs when embarking on the journey of medical tourism.

Why You Nееd Seoul Cosmetic Surgеrу Medical Tourism Services

According to surveys conducted on medical tourists who visited Korea in the last year, 60% used a medical tourism agency and 40% contacted the hospitals themselves. Patients who came to Korea through a medical tourism agency had an 86% patient satisfaction rate in comparison to an only 75% patient satisfaction rate for the patients who came by themselves. Most of the patients who came alone had trouble solving problems, and were very inconvenienced.

Our Team

We have a dynamic team of individuals comprised of highly trained and experienced experts with the highest adherence to standards of professionalism and responsibility.

Our Values

Our core value and #1 priority is “customer satisfaction” of course, but it does not stop there. We are professionals who are obligated to the highest sense of responsibility and duty to our clients and we really want to see you happy. Therefore, the medical care centers and doctors that we recommend to you are absolutely top-notch and the best you will find in Korea. We truly put our heart and “Seoul” into your happiness, and will always be transparent and sincere in our dealings with you. We go beyond mere service to attend to you as a person, giving you the best in counseling and direction.


Our mission is to improve Seoul’s medical tourism industry in our own creative way while reputably contributing to the globalization, growth and expansion of the industry. For us, this means that the clients get the ultimate best in physicians, clinics, lodgings, consultations, care, etc.  Our focus is on the client first. We believe this will create satisfied return customers, who will return to Korea.