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Meticulous Care

Indeed, at SCS you and your wants are the most important thing to us! In fact, our medical travel services ensure that your voice is heard throughout the planning process. And by catering to your unique needs and preferences, one of our skillful Medical Travel Advisors will be your personal concierge and will handcraft a medical travel package befit only to your highest satisfaction.

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Exclusively For You

At SCS, we craft packages on a case by case basis. So we cater your package to your specific wants and needs. And, accordingly develop them depending on the surgeries and procedures you want from surgery to laser treatments. As well as, the Korean tourist spots that peak your interest from Kpop to street food.

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Unrivaled Benefits

Free Luxury Airport Transport

Moreover, we also provide luxurious transportation both to and from the airport. In fact, we not only escort you to and from the airport. But also provide you with a personal driver and a comfortable, elegant car.

So no need to worry about the difficulties of finding your way through a new airport in a different language! We cater to your every transportation need. *Deposit needed

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Unlimited Accessibility

What’s more is, we are available to answer any and all of your questions and concerns 24/7 during your time in Seoul. Indeed, if you need help with directions or translations at any point in your stay you can always feel free to contact your personal case manager. Not only can we help you find what you’re looking for, but also promptly quell any concerns you might have while in Seoul.

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Sophisticated Lodging

In addition, we help you find the best, affordable, and stylish accommodations. Similarly, we take into account your every want and need when helping you choose and book your stay in Seoul. In fact, we only recommend the most comfortable, modern, and safe lodging for your stay here in Korea.

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Noteworthy Recommendations

Even more, we want your medical tour in Korea to meet all of your expectations and go beyond them. So if you are in need of any travel destinations while in Korea, simply ask us! Indeed, we will not only try and find you a spot that meets your criteria exactly, but we will also try and point you in the right direction for other spots of interest.

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Unforgettable Relaxing

Above all, at SCS we want you to have the most relaxing, tranquil and transformative time during your medical travel in Seoul. In particular, we want you to feel in control of all your medical travel service and not like you are simply one of many. Thus we curate all your travel services for you stay in Korea. And are specific to you and what you want to see and experience.

So simply tell us what you would like to happen and relax knowing you are in the safest, most capable hands. Most importantly, our medical travel services ensure that all your wants will be fulfilled!

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