Excess Skin After Massive Weight Loss : How To Get Rid of It

Get rid of excess skin fat after weight loss

Excess Skin After Massive Weight Loss : How To Get Rid of It

America is known as one, if not, the fattest nations in the world. Due to numerous factors like unhealthy eating habits and constant access to cheap junk food, the obesity rate has steadily increased and sadly, even after many lose the weight, excess skin remains as an unsightly reminder of their past unhealthy lifestyle.

More and more Americans have turned to fighting the rapid obesity rate by increasing their activity levels of course, but diet and exercise alone can’t fully transform their physique.

After putting in all this hard work, the last thing people want is to not be able to show off their new body and thus people have turned to cosmetic surgery to help them finish their new body transformation. This article published on the Plastic Surgery Channel dives into more detail about how to deal with the excess skin issue that comes with a massive weight loss:

Surgery After Massive Weight Loss 

Dr. Richard Restifo of Orange, CT is a board certified plastic surgeon who routinely performs body contouring surgery for patients struggling with excess skin following massive weight loss. Below, he discusses why patients seek out surgery and what exactly to expect.

Many post-bariatric surgery patients find themselves miserable after they’ve lost the weight. They’ve achieved so much, but loose skin still hangs from their now healthy body. They come to Dr. Restifo saying that, “they liked themselves better when they were heavy because they filled out their skin.”

For most obese patients, they’ve carried a significant amount of extra weight for many years, stretching out their skin. Even though they are now 80-100 pounds lighter, their skin drapes in unattractive folds that makes them extremely self-conscious naked, in a bathing suit, or in tight-fitting gym clothes. The challenge for surgeons such is these patients want to be completely, “smooth and tight”.

As you can see mentioned in the previous article, many people turn to cosmetic surgeons in order to rid themselves of the excess skin issue, now let’s go into detail about the specific procedure used to combat excess skin in the lower torso area, the body lift, with the following article from experts Isabel Bolt and Dr. Shaun Parson:

A Body Lift After Massive Weight Loss

A lower body lift can offer a dramatic change in appearance for MWL (massive weight loss) patients, or those who are victims of time, gravity, or genetic predispositions. The procedure is tailored toward those who not only have excess skin in the abdominal area, but excess or sagging tissue extending 360 degrees around their torso.

 Dr. Shaun Parson, a board certified plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, Arizona, sees more and more prospective patients seeking surgery. “Whether the weight loss was surgically induced or the product of diet and exercise, to lose that much weight really says something about the person. They are some of the most motivated patients I have the privilege to help,” he shares.

Losing weight is not easy, especially when it is a massive weight loss. Plastic surgery can help individuals obtain their ideal body after having worked so hard. However, despite the surgery taking only a day, true healing takes time. The body and psyche will need longer than a day to adjust. As cliche as it sounds however, time will heal all wounds, and the life transforming experience is totally worth it.

To learn even more, check out this video from a YouTube personality. This video is about on her journey getting cosmetic procedures done after losing 110 lbs.


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