Try Fashion Illustration Classes in Seoul

Fashion Illustration Classes in Seoul © Mariangela Lucia

Try Fashion Illustration Classes in Seoul

One of the things that we do best is to make your medical trips unforgettable experiences thanks to our curated medical tourism packages. The planning depends on the amount of time you have to travel after receiving your procedures and the types of services you are seeking. Indeed, all our package options include a curated tour that is scheduled around your treatment plan. You can choose the type of activity you want, and we will be sure to find it for you. Since all the packages we offer come with add ons, you can choose more than one experience per day. Today we will introduce one of our many options: fashion illustration classes with a Seoul designer.

Fashion Illustration Classes in Seoul © Mariangela Lucia

Fashion Illustration Classes in Seoul with Asian Illumination

Seoul is a lively cultural center where art is important and many innovative exhibitions are held. As an up and coming designer hub, here fashion designers and digital artists blossom and can express their creativity in different ways.  An example of those quirky and modern brands born in Seoul is Asian Illumination, designed by Anna Kim.

Anna Kim is a Russian – South Korean fashion designer based in Seoul, South Korea. Her clothes combine vibrant neon colors and technic materials of Seoul’s street style with shapes from traditional clothing. Obviously, this hybrid combination set apart Asian Illumination from the many other brands at past Seoul Fashion Week.  As well as designing and sewing her own line’s clothes, Anna is also an eclectic artist. Indeed, she creates acrylic and clay accessories, abstract art, and organic soap, with all her creations reflecting her unique sense of style and preference for funky colors.

My Experience

Fashion Illustration Classes in Seoul © Mariangela Lucia

You do not need to be an expert to enjoy the class

Korean street style and Korean fashion always mesmerized me so I decided to try fashion illustration classes in Seoul. However, I was always scared to try this type of drawing because I always thought it was really difficult. When Seoul Cosmetic Surgery asked me to give it a try to show our clients this new activity, I was extremely nervous. I never draw clothes, and I was not an expert in any way.

I met Anna in her Atelier near Dongdaemun Design Plaza to attend her class. The atelier is where she creates her clothes, but the classes are also held there.  Few other advanced students were already there, while another girl and I were the only beginner-level students.

What you will do in your first fashion illustration class?

Fashion Illustration Classes in Seoul © Mariangela Lucia

Practice & Find your own style…

As a first thing, Anna asked us to practice lines and shapes on a piece of paper. It is indeed an important exercise to practice how much strength you put in your drawings. The pressure you put in is essential, and designers use pressure tricks often in their drawings. It might seem a boring and easy exercise, but it was not. Anna explained that we were learning from the basic steps just like she did when the teacher taught her. Moreover, she also said that many people think it is extremely relaxing. I can understand why, since it takes a lot of concentration and attention, you simply do not have time to think about anything else.

Fashion Illustration Classes in Seoul © Mariangela Lucia

After doodling, Anna asked us to pick one of the model pictures on the table and draw it freely.  That is your starting point to understand your style and your strong and weak points.  Then, Anna herself explains what are the mistakes in your fashion sketches. Usually, common mistakes are due to wrong proportions and too uniform lines. Remember how I said that pressure is key? You will learn it with her help from the very first sketch if you take her fashion illustration classes.

…Then make the teachings your own!

After pointing out what needs to be improved to turn your drawings into fashion sketches, the fun part begins. Anna makes drawing fashion figures an easy task. Firstly she briefly explained how Korean style sketches are different from the European style ones; secondly, she explained how to use proportions and organize the drawing of the body. I think hearing these explanations from the point of view of an expert Korean designer was much more interesting than just watching a youtube video.

Obviously, I cannot reveal the details of the class, as you should really try it yourself. In addition, I think that nothing I write can substitute the chance to interact with your teacher, being able to ask questions and feel the love and passion for fashion that Anna puts in her art.

Fashion Illustration Classes in Seoul © Mariangela Lucia

Fashion Classes are a fun and interesting experience for Everyone

Even though I am not an expert, I was able to achieve good results compared to my expectations.  Since Anna was there to explain and supervise every single step to prepare the final fashion sketch, I learned a lot. At first, I thought only people that want to pursue a fashion career took fashion illustration classes. Instead, the classes are good for beginners and people who want to learn a new skill. It is also a good activity to unwind and relieve stress. I must thank Anna for being an extremely good host and teacher. She makes sure everything is catered to make your experience as relaxing and fun as possible.

Not only the materials were provided in the studio, but snacks and drinks are also available at your convenience (one glass of wine can be included). In addition, she stressed the fact that her classes are made for people to express their creativity and imagination, rather than immediately have big results. However she still suggested to practice before the next class; as well as giving results in the long run, practicing at home is also a good relaxing activity. The Fashion Illustration Classes are available for a small number of students at a time so that the teacher can follow you better. However, private classes (for kids as well) are also available, just let us know what you prefer and we will organize your classes around your surgery schedule.

What if Fashion Illustration Classes are not for You?

We at Seoul Cosmetic Surgery want to make sure you can find the best activities to do in Seoul. If you would rather have clay accessories or acrylic accessory making classes, we can check the availability and book it, stress-free.

Stay tuned to discover the new fun curated experiences we have in store for you. Seoul Cosmetic Surgery Staff tried and tested the most interesting activities to offer the best medical trip ever! Ask your consultation today.

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