Grace Plastic Surgery
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Grace Plastic Surgery


Contributing to medical development, developing human resource, and making the patient’s healthy & beautiful dream come true

Visual Story

Behind the Scene

Vision Slogan
The best education
The best treatment
The best research


Through the education and research about the “beauty” day and night, Grace will lead the medical technology, provide medical service, and fulfill human love through patient’s satisfaction.


Main Value
Impassioned Grace
We aim to make the best result for the patient’s satisfaction and the medical development.


Happy Grace
We will make a way for the customers and the employees to be all happy.


Truthful Grace
Every treatment will be based on the Christiannomical value & conscientious mind. This is the basic rule for treating & doing surgery.


Goal in Grace
Providing you the best service, and only offering what you really need…


Greetings from the chief doctor
“I still concern about what and how to provide more to people who are visiting the GRACE.”


I still have more to give out.
It is a blessing for doctors who still have more ways to go.
Concerns will be sympathized,
Also we will set up our goal to give the best medical service and to our patients.
We believe “practice” will give the best result than “words”.
For more better life to out visited people,
Grace will become more respected and developing clinic to everyone.


Chief doctor of Grace plastic surgery clinic


Plastic Surgery
Beautiful Eye
Natural Breast
Nose/Facial Contour
Fat Injection/Liposuction



Before & After


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623, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea