Group Tours
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Group Tours

Plastic Surgery Groups

Since traveling overseas in groups to have plastic surgery has become popular since it’s an excellent way to vacation with friends and an economical way of getting plastic surgery, we can accomodate groups.merging as a popular trend, traveling overseas in groups to have surgery has become popular because it is an excellent option for enjoying a vacation with friends and an economical way of getting plastic surgery. A typical group tour has approximately 12 clients and their companions or escorts.   These groups leave at varying times of the year so there’s always a convenient time for one to book a trip for cheaper surgical procedures in Korea.

Seoul Cosmetic Surgery clients are escorted by one of our experienced client managers who have knowledge of the surgical processes so you will be aware in advance what will be in store for you. In addition, you get to have the reassurance of someone to comfort you and keep you company when you return from your procedure and are resting to recover before your return to your home country. It can be quite helpful to keep patients from being overwhelmed with the frightening prospects of getting work done overseas and can help with doubts in planning both your trip and your procedures, as well as an outlet for asking any questions one might have.

Once you finish your procedure(s), you return to your hotel room to recover and get a check-up a week to ten days later. While staying at the hotel, your escort is there to answer any questions or lend assistance with medications, bandages or psychological comfort, as well as telling you what (if any) restrictions are in place on your other tourism activities.

So who should consider a group surgery tour to Korea with Seoul Cosmetic Surgery?


– single travelers
– first time medical tourists
– a few friends accompanying each other on a medical tour
– someone who wants a little extra TLC
– someone who just needs that extra reassurance of support from someone there to accommodate them

After a few days from the return to your hotel, you likely won’t need assistance from your escort but you will have the comfort of knowing they are still easily accessed and contacted. Not all clients on a group tour will have surgery on the same days, so the escort has a very busy schedule on the first few days. This means you should always know how to get in touch with them at the hospital when they are there if you need to.