Hair Trends: Korea Versus America

Hair Trends in Korea Vs America

Hair Trends: Korea Versus America

Long hair, short hair. Straight hair, curly hair. Red hair, black hair. Hair trends are always changing and evolving. With wacky colors and creative cuts making their debut in fashion week, hair lovers all over are changing their do’s to stay in touch with today’s hair trends. Hair styles, cuts, and colors vary from culture to culture. In this post we will explore hair trends in Korea versus America.

Hair Trends


Hair trends are similar to fashion and makeup trends in that they are always evolving. As fashion trends emerge from recreating historical looks, hair styles and trends emerge in the same manner. Whether a cut pays homage to Cleopatra or high buns mime Audrey Hepburn, trends in the hair industry are ever changing and growing.

Hair length, cut, color, style, bangs or no bangs contribute to which direction hair trends will be going in a certain season. One culture can be promoting wild hair colors whilst at the same time another culture sports old fashioned brown locks. In this post we will take a look at the current hair trends in both Korea and America.

Let’s begin by taking a look at American hair trends.

Hair Trends In America

Hair trends include cut, style, and color. All three are affected each season as the trends are influenced by histories of the past. The 2018 Spring hair trends include:

Hair Cut:


-Layered Locks

-Bold Bob Cut

-Side Swept Bangs

Hair Color:

-Warm Blonde

-Honey Golden Blonde

-Caramel Ombre

Hair Style:

-Side Part Ponytail

-Beach Waves

-French Braids

When it comes to hair cuts the American risk takers always jump the gun and try out new cuts everyone else is too afraid to try. Once they deem it as acceptable women all over the country adapt their version of the cut. This season celebrities are debuting messy pixie cuts, layered locks, bold bob cuts, and side swept bangs.

Celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry, and Zendaya Coleman have all sported a pixie cut this season. With a positive review, many young women followed suit. Another popular cut is the layered locks debuted by Halle Berry, Dakota Johnson, and Miley Cyrus. A rather classic cut, layered locks are safe to wear all year round.

Bold bob cuts are coming back this season, celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Zendaya Coleman, and Taylor Swift have all sported the look this season. The last hair cut trend for this season are side swept bangs. A rather classic look these bangs have been worn by Emma Stone, Bella Thorne, and Reese Witherspoon.

Moving onto color trends for this year. Playing it rather safe the colors for the Spring 2018 season include shades of brown and blonde. Leaving the violets and reds for a younger audience many celebrity women are taking up classic colors this season including: warm blonde, honey golden blonde, and caramel ombre. Celebrities such as Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Gigi Hadid, and Ashley Graham have sported these colors respectively.

Lastly let’s discuss hair styles. As Spring is a fun and playful season the hair styles are just the same. With styles such as side part ponytails, beach waves and a variety of french braids making their way down the red carpets, many young women adapted these styles for fun days out in the sun.

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Korean Fashion Versus Western Fashion

Now let’s take a look at hair trends in Korea.

Hair Trends In Korea

Women looking at the camera with her flowing hair hair transplant

Korean Hair trends largely sprout from Korean Idols when they are promoting their new album. With groups such as Girls Generation, BTS, Exo, and Red Velvet to look up to, when wanting to know what the new trend is just take a look at the members of your favorite Korean Pop group. Some of the 2018 Korean hair trends include:

Hair Cut:

-Front Bangs

-Short Bobs

-Layered Shoulder Length Cuts

Hair Color:


-Coffee Brown

-Honey Brown

-Auburn Red

Hair Style:

-High Ponytail Paired With Flowy Bangs

-Beach Waves

-Sleek Straight Strands

Hair cuts in Korea are rather safe and simple. Cute yet manageable. The current cuts in Korea include front bangs, short bobs, and layered shoulder length cuts. Bold front bangs are framing the faces of Korean idols such as Taeyeon, Seulgi, and Shin Jimin. Short bobs are also taking the stage.

Idols such as Chae Young, Hye Ri, and Eun Ha have all rocked  the look this season. The last trend is layered shoulder length locks. A rather classic look, this hair cut frames the faces of many Korean women. Both teens and young women sport this do.

Hair colors for this season are rather seductive. With smoldering colors such as jet black, coffee brown, honey brown, and auburn red, Korean idols are sporting rather mature colors this season. Idols such as IU, CL, Yoona, Krystal, and Soo Young have debuted these colors. Many young Korean women followed suit and dyed their locks to look like their idols.

Hair styles for this season are do’s that have an effortless and carefree feel to them. High ponytails, curled, straight, or wavy are paired with flowy bangs for a breezy look. Beach waves on short and long hair are making their mark. And the ever classic sleek straight look. Long locks straightened to perfection creating a sleek dark coat around the face.

In Conclusion.


Hair trends vary from culture to culture but the story told is the same. Have fun, be yourself and let your hair down. With wacky colors, to long locks, to buzzed cuts there is a hair trend for everyone. Whether you live in Korea or America hair trends are ever changing and evolving. Have fun with your hair, be creative and experimental. After all nothing is permanent.

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