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Total beauty solution group imparts hope to patients beyond surgery

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Behind the Scene

Doctor’s Greeting, ‘Clients are our strength’
A walk through with our clients showing the growth of id Hospital.


A hopeful person finds confidence in their hope. One poet’s passage brings many thoughts to mind.


Am I a hopeful person? Is our hospital a hopeful place? Are the patients that come to id Hospital hopeful people?


id Plastic Surgery Hospital instills and shares hope. We support our patients’ hopes and wishes…


Like the poet’s song people are our hope. Your hopeful image is id Plastic Surgery Hospital’s strength. – BOARD-CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON Park Sang Hoon


To seek Beauty Solutions for those in need and together find happiness along the way


To become Asia’s Top Leading ‘Total Beauty Solution’ Hospital to resolve beauty-related matters, to simply become a ‘Beauty Wonderland’ for anyone to enjoy a friendly environment.


Core Competencies
Reason why people come to id Hospital! We introduce you to id Hospital’s special competitiveness that is different from other medical institutions.


01. Institution certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
id Hospital sets patient’s safety as its first priority and provides high quality medical service. It is a hospital-level medical institution certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.


02. Assigned Medical Team
id Hospital’s medical team, consisted of doctors and professors from university-hospitals, has rich clinical experience and gives you satisfying result.


03. Poly-Clinic System
Our medical teams from 5 departments sets surgery plans rigorously behind the scenes for patients’ safety and satisfying result


04. High-tech Building
id Hospital’s building has a high-tech system integrating the hospital’s philosophy of patient’s safety from the beginning of construction process.


05. 8 Specialized Systems
id hospital runs 8 specialized systems by department, operating poly-clinic system from diagnosis to aftercare. Not even a minor mistake should be allowed for the beauty of our customers.


06. Aftercare System
Aftercare is as important as surgery. id Hospital collaborates with Facediet, a professional premium aesthetic brand, to make your recovery fast.


07. VIP Service
id Hospital serves all customers as VIP and does its best to provide service for the convenience of all patients.


08. Social Contribution
id Hospital shares its medical skills to give beauty and happiness to people in the world


09. Happy Face Research Center
id’s ‘Happy Face Research Center tries to give happy face to all customers through developing new technologies and surgical methods.


Plastic surgery
Facial contouring
Orthognathic surgery
Body contouring


Dental Clinic


Dermatology Clinic

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How much ever comparison you do, the final choice is id Hospital

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