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Korea leads the world in Cosmetic Surgery and JK is the leader in Korea

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Behind the Scene

Research & Welfare & Charity
JK Medical Group always strives to provide the highest quality services for our valued customers based on our customer centered and transparent management. Our main corporate goals are research, welfare, and charity.


As one of the premiere medical centers in Korea, JK medical group will not sit idly, but continuously cope with global challenges. In order to develop into the world’s leading medical brand, we will constantly strive to improve customer satisfaction and deliver our unique services: customized medical services, highly satisfactory surgical results, and an infallible safety system.


Most importantly, our main goal is to improve the lives of others using our techniques and skills through JK’s ‘New Face New Dream’ charity program. JK hopes to share the excellence of Korean medical techniques worldwide and develop JK into a global brand. -JOO KWON, M.D. (Founding CEO) Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


Raising the Bar to a Higher Standard


1.JK is creating a new chapter in Medical Korea & Global Healthcare
Specialized surgeons and customized center systems with over 19 years of clinical experience
Advanced technology and medical systems for perfect safety
‘Premium One-Stop Service’ System based on customer centered management
‘New Face New Dream’ Charity Program


2.Standing in the center of the ‘Medical Hallyu’
JK is taking the lead to raise the trust and strong national brand of Korean Medical Industry
Global JK Medical Group is committed to the best medical care, service and safety


Even the best doctor cannot be an expert in every area of plastic surgery. JK provides customized consultation rooms where Doctors who are each specialized can visit patients.


We offer the best medical system through group consultation with board certified surgeons and a full-time anesthesiologist. Over 19 years of know-how with experience and perfect safety record allow us to provide the best medical services.


JK Plastic Surgery Center provides Premium One-Stop Service to cover our customer’s needs from the beginning to the end.


JK surgeons plan and perform surgery after scientific diagnosis, accurate and delicate design under safety using JK’s cutting edge digital image equipment and medical system.


3 Digital CT I-CAT (3D_CT)
3D Virtual Surgery
Digital X-ray


JK SAFETY SYSTEM, “First Priority” 1% Clinic in Gangnam.


JK Surgery Center
JK’s Trustful Anesthesia System
Safety System to Guarantee Patient’s Condition
Emergency Medical System


Plastic surgery
Breast surgery
Body contouring
Eye surgery
Nose surgery
Facial contouring
Female surgery
Reconstructive surgery


Esthetic & non-surgery
JK SPA & Esthetics
Non-invasive surgery

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Improving the lives of others with our unique skills and techniques

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