Medical tourism is the act of going overseas for medical care/procedures, and the term is used explicitly to refer to the industry that has sprung up around this practice.

Are you seeking procedures at a lower cost than in your home country? Are you seeking cosmetic procedures not covered by insurance there? If so, then making an arrangement with us as a medical tourist might be a good fit for you.

Likely not, as that is often a reason to become a medical tourist. However, your insurer will have the answer to this individually. So ask them directly.

Because of the popularity of cosmetic surgery in Korea, and the frequency of procedures, Korean physicians and hospitals have become experts in this area. So the standard of care and quality of hospitals and clinics have exceeded that of other countries.

There are over 500 clinics and 3000 physicians in Gangnam alone who specialize in cosmetic surgery. And it is really more a matter of how drastic a change you wish to make that decides which physician/clinic is the best for you. As a matter of fact this is part of the reason we are here to help you! As we can remove the hassle of trying to find them for yourself.

Of course. We wouldn’t recommend it though, as even having a native Korean friend won’t necessarily be helpful in this matter. Since we are a medical tourism agency in Korea we have the best connections to sublime doctors and clinics. Thus, you know you will be receiving the highest quality care with us.

As a matter of fact, you could. We aren’t doing anything you wouldn’t already be paying for. So, the price will roughly be the same if we didn’t arrange it for you. However, by booking through us you can save yourself the worry and time. In particular, we already know which clinics are the most innovative and safe. As well as knowing which accommodations will suit your trip the best. What’s more is we ensure that you are getting the best deal for your plastic surgery, lodging, and transportation. So book with us to ease your mind and totally relax!

As for cost, each surgery’s cost can vary depending on your procedure and other factors. Contact us to get a quote!

Namely, we include all in-country related expenses including the hospital, medicines, case manager, medical transport and follow-up care, and inpatient stays. However, transportation to and from Korea and personal transportation, food and lodging are not included.

For medical tourism in Korea, we recommend 7-14 days. But the length of time needed will vary depending on the procedure(s) you desire.

As soon as you decide that you want to come to Korea, we will lead you through the preparation process. We know oftentimes there can be a lot to prepare: from visa to consultation appointments, we will ensure you are taken care of. 

While you may think you are getting a better deal with freelancers, they are ILLEGAL! Indeed, there is a reason that many licenses and registrations are required for medical tourism in Korea! And that is to ensure your safety during and after surgery. Also, just because a physician has a license doesn’t mean they are good! In fact, we ensure that every doctor and clinic we work and connect you with is of the highest quality. What’s more is, we are required by the government to record every event of your trip and procedures, as well as be your advocate. In addition, we give you all the support and friendly service you could ever need. As well as provide translation services at no extra cost to you.

As for visas, it depends on your country of origin. For instance, most medical tourists simply use a short term general visa (C-3 short term). However, some developing countries may need a short term medical visa (C-3-3). Typically, we require a short term 90 day medical visa in all cases just to err on the side of caution. And as we are registered with KHIDI for medical tourism in Korea, you can apply for one directly through us and we will help you obtain one.

Yes, you can. We will provide some of our concierge services with your friend for free. For example, airport pickup & sending, transportation between clinics and your accommodations related to surgeries, etc. However, the maximum no. of people accompanying  you is 2. If more than 2, there is an additional charge. Simply discuss this option with us in your free consultation so we can begin making arrangements for this special case!

Indeed, for any other questions or concerns, please call or email us for more information. In fact, we will be happy to address any questions or concerns you have. As our trained staff is ready and waiting to help you with medical tourism in Korea.
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