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Our Procedures

Korean Plastic Surgery



Notably, achieve the body of your dreams with our skillful doctors, innovative medical facilities and stellar post-op recovery treatments

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Not to mention, pamper your skin with one of our many luxurious and effective dermatological treatments that will leave your skin vibrant and radiant

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Alternatively, illuminate your smile today and get a smile makeover with the help of our board-certified dentists and prestigious clinics 

Man who needs medical hair transplant for medical travel



Similarly, let our ingenious doctors reverse your hair loss with innovative technology that has long lasting results

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Or enhance your self confidence in bed with quality women’s surgery from our esteemed physicians.

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Indeed, rest assured knowing that your health is in expert care with us and our partners.

stem cell for medical travel and cosmetic procedures in korea



Additionally, regenerate your skin and hair with innovative stem cell procedures done by the most professional hospitals and physicians

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Furthermore, inquire into our special procedures to see just how many sublime treatments and surgeries are at your fingertips

medical travel for south korea

Why SCS For Medical Travel



Indeed, rest assured knowing you have access to some of the world’s most experienced doctors to fit your every medical or cosmetic surgery need



Moreover, relax while we cater to your every medical and travel need both in Korea and even after



We tailor medical travel to your wants and needs, presenting the best clinics/doctors for you



As well, get all the insider knowledge on one of our personal shopping tours and transform your wardrobe with ease 



In particular, treat yourself to our quality VIP services for your medical travel experience from personal drivers to unrivaled lodging



Also, have our fashionable and savvy team help you become the best version of yourself with valuable image consulting 


Our Local Tour Liaison

Hallie front page tour liaison

Meet our local tour liaison, Hallie Bradley! In fact, she is one of the top travel bloggers in Seoul. Just visit her site The Soul of Seoul to learn more about her and what she writes about.  As our tour liaison, she provides you with a unique access to Seoul. So visit our tour liaison page to learn more about her and how she can help you!

Seoul City Medical Travel

Medical Travel Testimonials

“The Seoul Cosmetic Surgery team was warm, professional, and supportive at every stop on the road to getting cosmetic surgery in Korea. I had a wonderful experience with them and highly recommend their services to anyone. They are caring and quick to respond to any questions or concerns you might have. They present you with several options and are tireless advocates for you at every stage of the process.” -Paige Morris

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“I was fortunate enough to have the support and knowledge of Mona and Dean when I had surgery done in Seoul. From the start to finish, they were professional, helpful and caring. They went above and beyond to make sure my surgery was smooth and successful.” -Ruby Alexander

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“Although South Korea has incredible services to offer and is the plastic surgery hub of the world, it’s difficult to know where to go and it is all so intimidating, especially with the language barrier. Mona and Dean take care of everything for you. They are so professional, patient, understanding, punctual and warm and are with you every step of the way! Couldn’t recommend anyone better to work with.” -Lara Harvey

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