Our Niches

Our Niches

Unlike other cosmetic surgery agencies, we cater to different niches: ethnicity, luxury, and gender to name a few. We provide service to anyone, regardless of where they are from. Much of our ethnic cosmetic procedures are in one of the best luxury medical facilities in Korea.


For our high-end clients, we work with only the best physicians and clinics. In fact, we take this step further by providing you access to our personal list of luxurious hotels, spas, and restaurants.


Many clinics are not aware of the needs of an ethnically diverse audience. Some even believe that Korean physicians can only effectively work on those of Asian descent. We know this couldn’t be further from the truth! We have a variety of clinics that are geared towards ethnic cosmetic procedures in Korea. While there are many medical tourism agencies available, there is a high chance that they do not cater to different ethnicities. We are fully aware of any extra risks involved with scarring or pigmentation, as well as the desire to naturally blend in with others of your own ethnicity. We pride ourselves on finding the right physician and clinics. After all, we do send you to the best luxury medical facilities in Korea.

If you are a luxurious high-end consumer, we have you covered. We will find you the best clinic with the best quality services.