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  1. Before and after of tip rhinoplasty

    Tip Plasty

    If you have ever wanted to improve the appearance of the tip of your nose than our quality tip plasty is for you! To do this type of cosmetic nose surgery, a surgeon removes the fatty tissue that is common in non-Caucasian noses. Then they reconstruct your nose to give it a more flattering angle. In fact, our esteemed Korean doctors typically use your own cartilage to reconstruct the tip of your nose. Indeed, the board certified doctors we connect you with are extremely experienced in nose surgery. And the luxurious clinics you stay at are unparalleled in comfort and customer service. So book your free consultation with us today!

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  2. Young attractive woman touching her nose with fingertip over isolated white background

    Blunt Tip Correction

    Alternatively, if you have a blunt nose tip, we have a solution for you! Our blunt tip correction surgery is the best way to get a sharp and sophisticated look for your nose! Again, our practiced Korean doctors usually utilize your own cartilage to reconstruct the tip of your nose during this quality cosmetic nose surgery. Just book a free consultation with our experienced staff today to learn more!  Recommended for those who

      • Have a wide or blunt nose tip
      • Are dissatisfied with their current nose shape
      • Have an enlarged/thickened nose tip
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  3. Half of woman's smiling face looking directly at camera

    Bridge Augmentation

    One issue that can lead to insecurity about your nose is the prevalence of a low bridge or dorsum.  Indeed, this often leads to the appearance of a wider nose and a less defined appearance to face. However, our nose bridge augmentation surgery is the perfect solution to this! As a matter of fact, our skillful doctors can give you the best suited nose bridge for your face type specifically. In Korea, this type of nose surgery utilizes a patient’s own tissue or a synthetic product such as silicone or medpor to create the bridge.  But most often, our sublime Korean doctors prefer using your own tissue for augmenting your nasal bridge (septal, ear or rib cartilage). So book a free consultation with us today and get the nose you’ve always wanted!

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  4. non-surgical nose jobs

    Hooked Nose Correction

    Additionally, we offer excellent hook nose surgery to help give your nose a more streamlined appearance. Typically, hook nose is a nose with a bump on the bridge. And a hook nose correction removes the bump on the bridge. Specifically, by reshaping or shaving the protruding bone/cartilage on the bridge of your nose. In fact, the surgeons we connect you with are experts at nose correction surgery and will help you find the best option for you. So book a free consultation with us today and get in contact with some of the best surgeons and clinics in Seoul today!

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  5. Women with her eyes close getting ready for nose surgery

    Short Nose Extension

    Did you know that a short nose is one of the most challenging aspects of rhinoplasty? Not only can short noses have aesthetic issues, but they can have functional issues as well.  However, when a short nose is extended by a skillful surgeon, it can give a dramatic effect. If you suffer from having a short nose, then our sublime short nose extension surgery is for you! In fact, our board certified doctors are some of the best at extending short noses in Korea. Indeed, they will be able to alleviate both your aesthetic and functional issues of having a short nose! Just book a free consultation with us today to learn more! This type of nose surgery is recommended for those who have:

      • A short or upturned nose
      • Prominent nostril exposure
      • An upturned nose after inserting prosthesis
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  6. Beautiful brunette girl with long and straight brown hair

    Deviated Nose Surgery

    At SCS, we know how difficult living with a bent nose can be. Indeed, when the nose is curved to one side it is called crooked nose or bent nose. In fact, this type of nose can result in many physical ailments like chronic headaches, nasal obstruction, etc. So we offer quality bent nose surgery to help you live and breathe better! Not only can this cosmetic nose surgery correct the physical ailments of a bent nose, but also make the nose look more appealing. In particular, the innovative and sophisticated surgeons and clinics we connect you with are experts at bent nose rhinoplasty. So relax knowing you are in safe, capable hands and book a free consultation with us today!

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  7. Pretty Asian woman looking off camera preparing for nose surgery

    Alar Reduction

    Do you have a wide and big nostrils that make your nose look awkward? Then our alar reduction surgery is the solution for you! Indeed, this type of cosmetic nose surgery can reduce the size of your nostrils. As a result, your nose will have a more pleasant and sophisticated look. In fact, our esteemed doctors are some of the best at reducing the size of your nostrils, while still giving them a natural appearance. And our luxurious clinics cater to your every need post-op and allow you ample time to relax and recover. Just book a free consultation with us today and let us help you!

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  8. woman looking at camera with arm under chin after nose surgery korea


    At SCS, we know that sometimes having a nose surgery can result in satisfaction issues. For example, wrong implant placement, undesired nose shape, narrow nose tip, nose deformation, and movement of implant and infection. In order to correct these issues, a revision rhinoplasty is needed. Because of the difficult nature of this procedure, a skilled surgeon is needed. So we connect you to the most skilled and experienced doctors in Korea to help correct your nose and remove/change any issues. Simply book a free consultation and tell us your issues. Then we take care of the rest!

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