Our Services
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Our Services

What We Do For You

Seoul Cosmetic Surgery is here for you to provide one stop medical tourism services in Korea. To alleviate any frustrations or confusion with planning the trip or procedures, we provide customized services for each of our clients, taking into account their safety and security, as well as their individual needs and desires. In choosing us, a client can be rest assured of their decision, and use our expertise to gain access to some of the finest doctors and clinics in Korea. We help you with information gathering, as well as what might work best for you, saving you time, money and hassle.

How This Works

Once we have an initial consultation with a client, we assign one of our staff as the client’s personal case manager. This case manager helps with any of the related matters to the client’s medical tourism including sightseeing, booking, making appointments, shopping, dining, travel, healthcare information, information on physicians and clinics, and cultural norms. We offer personalized individual support for each of our clients in this manner to give them the best service and also to make them feel comfortable as well.

Step 1

  • Initial consultation and inquiry
  • Choose your clinic and physician
  • Free estimate
  • Make your appointment
  • Apply for visa/medical visa
  • Book flights/accommodations (preferably near the clinic of choice)
  • Choose leisure time activities

Step 2

  • Fly out to Korea
  • Pick-up (airport to hotel)
  • Check-in at hotel
  • Visit clinic for initial consultation
  • Treatment at clinic and hospital time (if needed)
  • Buy medications (if needed)
  • Return to hotel and plan for the trip home

Step 3

  • Tourism, shopping
  • Final consultation/instructions from clinic (if needed)
  • Pick-up from hotel to airport (free)
  • Online follow-up care (free)

Our Services

All of our services are FREE! Since we make a large portion of our money from payments by hospitals and doctors promoting their services, we can rearrange your schedule, postpone your trip, or cancel without fee or inconvenience. Additional expenses might arise however, with any unusual or special requests. Contact us for further details.