Plastic Surgery – Examining a Really Sensitive Topic

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Plastic Surgery – Examining a Really Sensitive Topic

When the topic of plastic surgery comes up, there are usually mixed feelings involved. Some are for it, and others against it. Usually, cosmetic procedures have a bad rap due to headlines about celebrities and public figures getting surgeries performed. However, there are also other cases, such as breast cancer survivors who had mastectomies that can be a very good reason to undergo cosmetic surgical procedures.

When discussing the topic of plastic surgery, is it really such a black and white affair? Let’s read Dawn Tongish’s thoughts on the matter in:

Plastic Surgery: Is There Right or Wrong Reasons?

People have LOTS of reasons for getting plastic surgery. Maybe they want to erase a deformity that can cause emotional upset, or perhaps fix an appearance after massive weight loss. Whatever the reason, it varies from patient to patient. But, there can be right and not so right reasons for seeking a change through a cosmetic procedure…

The end result should always be about making the patient feel better with a natural, more youthful look.


The start of a new year can be the best time to opt for a change. Last year, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the number of plastic surgery procedures increased by 2%. Nearly six million cosmetic procedures were performed, with breast augmentation topping the list. Experts say leading the “reason why” is a feeling people have about wanting to look as young as they feel.

“Often people come in and they have a feeling of vitality in their soul and they see that changing over time in the mirror,” says Dr. Steven Camp, a board certified plastic surgeon in Fort Worth. “They look at themselves in the mirror and they go, ‘that’s not me, that’s not the person I remember. I feel different than this.’”


There is privacy surrounding plastic surgery for a reason – patients don’t want to be judged about what procedure they are picking and why. It’s no one’s business but your own what surgery you have nor if you should have it, as long as your surgeon is on the same page and agrees.

Most reputable plastic surgeons agree there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed when it comes to saying yes or no to a patient. It may be difficult to turn down a request, but a doctor may deny a procedure if it is deemed improper or even dangerous. Let’s run through just a couple of reasons for getting a procedure and if it’s acceptable.

One of the most sensitive topic when talking about plastic surgery is the age. What time is appropriate to start considering procedures? When is someone too young and when someone too old to get plastic surgery? When talking about teens and plastic surgery, it can become a pretty heated debate. Read the following article from one of the industry expert, John Hammarley, on his views in this matter.

Teenager Plastic Surgery? In Select Cases Only

Mention plastic surgery and teenagers in the same sentence and a lot of people – both doctors and the public – see red flags of warning rise quickly. Even so, a number of board certified plastic surgeons say given the right circumstances and needs, providing responsible, ethical surgical options is a great option for a select group of young people who may need help.


Certainly when or if a young woman in her teens comes into Dr. William P. Adams Jr.’s plastic surgery office in Dallas and implies that she wants a breast augmentation in order to attract a boy who’s caught her eye, the surgeon politely declines.”The red flags are automatically up and flying if a young, teenaged woman comes in talking about boosting her popularity,” he explains.

The first step in understanding what types of surgery are right for teens requires an understanding of the above: purely cosmetic improvement is frowned upon. And yet, some procedures like a rhinoplasty may appear to be purely cosmetic, and is acceptable. The line between what is appropriate and not appropriate is fuzzy, leaving nuance to define what is the right thing to do for teenagers.

While there is a strong debate about those who are too young going under the knife, can one be too old for plastic surgery as well? John Hammarley shares his perspective on the topic in another article here:

Who Says I’m Too Old for Plastic Surgery?

Growing old; you knew it was bound to happen. As baby boomers get on in years they want to cheat father time, just like everyone else. And they’re doing it in record numbers. In the last five years alone, the number of women and men 65 years and older getting plastic surgery has doubled, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery.


Austin-based board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ashley Gordon wondered when her first sixty-something patient came in for breast implants whether she was doing the right thing.

We have women in their sixties, sometimes in their early seventies, that have breast augmentation or want to have a tummy tuck,” she describes, “and I remember the first patient who wanted that and I remember thinking ‘wow, should I be doing that?’ Are they really too old, but I think that people are living longer now and they’re no longer accepting I’m 50. I’m 60. I’m over the hill. And they don’t give up anymore,” says Dr. Gordon.

Her practice partner, Dr. Dustin Reid, agrees, especially when it comes to senior men.

As you can see, plastic surgery is a controversial topic, and there is no one correct or incorrect decision when considering it. However, if anyone is thinking about getting procedures done, they should do their homework, including in-depth research, and make sure their reasons are valid, and their expectations of the outcome are realistic.


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