Restore Your Youthfulness


This facelift procedure makes use of certain medical thread that is 2-3 times thicker than the normal thread. It is infused inside the skin layer and makes the wrinkles firm and tight, creating a close to permanent effect. This facelift has an anti-aging and V-line effect.

Fine thread Lift

A fine thread lift utilizes special medical thread that has been approved by the FDA.  This thread is absorbable and meltable and can plump saggy cheeks , fills in deep wrinkles and improves the elasticity of the whole face.

Incisional Lift

This facelift eliminates SMAS tissue in the skin, which has fallen due to age. And it also helps to tighten the skin. Not only does it pull the skin, it also removes the weak muscle tissue so that the facelift gives a permanent anti-aging effect.

Non-Incisional Lift

The laser lift procedure uses safety approved lasers. It is a face lift surgery that has topmost effect without cutting. It has a natural face lift effect and it also improves weak skin and firmness. This “semi facelift” is growing in popularity as the surgery suitable for having a younger face.

A special laser called “acculsculpt laser” is used to melt fat tissue situated in the face for a slim facial line.

With a wave length of 1,444nm, the small laser radiates towards the sagged and wrinkled skin, not to melt the fat tissues alone but to also enhance the production of collagen for an anti-aging effect.