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Breast Augmentation

If the shape or size of your breasts makes you unhappy, then you might want to consider augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation surgery is used to enhance the breasts through implants insertion. This involves the use of implants to give bigger breasts or improve breasts.  Breast augmentation is capable of enhancing the projection and fullness of your breasts, ameliorate the proportions and the harmony of your figure and better your self-confidence and self-image. Both breast augmentation and breast lifting can be done at the same time.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is popular in Korea. The procedure of breast reduction is more complicated than breast augmentation. It is very important to consult with a specialist before you go ahead with the surgery. Getting a breast lift after breast reduction is advisable to correct any possibility of sagged breasts.

Nipple Surgery

Nipple surgery helps correct nipples withdrawn within the breast and reduces abnormally big nipples.

Male Breast Reduction

Also, male breasts, or ‘man boobs’, often occur in cases where the male hormones reduce or female hormones rises stimulating the non-functional mammary glands. Then, a gynecomastia reduction can happen.

Breast Lift

Age and pregnancy makes the skin and breast tissues lose elastic fibers. This makes breasts sag. Breast lifting help restores the volume and elasticity of saggy breasts.  A breast lift can be done after breast reduction surgery to restore sagged breasts.

Breast Reconstruction

This is a procedure to get rid of breasts or pass through mastectomy. This can happen as a result of breast cancer, an accident, or had one or both breasts damaged.

Breast Revision

Revision is for those who received improvements surgery but are not pleased with it. Breast revision is more complicated than the original breast augmentation surgery. First, consult a Korean specialist before going ahead with the surgery.