Let Your Smile Lead The Way!

Here at Seoul Cosmetic Surgery, we know how important your smile is to you! After all, it is often the first thing people see. A beautiful smile, of course, is not the only function teeth serve. They also help us chew and digest food, aid us in speaking, and helps shape our face.  We offer access to the best dental services available.

Of course with the wear and tear of acidic drinks and sugary foods, teeth can lose their resilience over time. Our well trained staff have a number of procedural options to help you restore your pearly white teeth.

We have many services to suit your needs!

We offer teeth whitening or bleaching, which is a noninvasive option to remove staining and restore luster. (Note: This only works on your natural teeth, so old fillings may need replacement to match the whiteness level of your natural teeth.)

We also offer Lumineer, a newer veneer technology which, unlike older veneers, requires no removal of any portion of your teeth in order to fit the veneer. Your original teeth remain as they were before beneath the veneer and the procedure is reversible and noninvasive, with no shots needed and no shots or anesthesia required. These veneers are just perfect for slightly misshapen, chipped, cracked, or badly tarnished and stained teeth.

Finally for those of you who need a little cosmetic reconstruction, we also offer dental implants and bridges. Bridges are fixed partial dentures put in place after filing down the adjoining teeth. Implants on the other hand, are pretty much new permanent teeth, involving a fixture resembling our own natural roots to anchor the implant in place, connected to the dental crown and the head of the tooth.