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Hair Restoration – A Permanent Solution

Hair loss is inevitable for most of us, and sometimes it can be excessive. Alopecia (or baldness) is an unenviable consequence of time. A procedure known as hair transplantation can offer an effective way to reverse baldness in men or women via surgically moving hair from areas resistant to the effects of DHT (a hormone involved in the hair loss process) to areas where hair has been lost and those hairs will continue to grow and be resistant to DHT throughout an individual’s life.

Here at Seoul Cosmetic Surgery, we offer hair transplant procedures for both men and women to help improve their confidence, whether it is from natural alopecia due to aging, or injury. Transplantation procedures like the ones we offer have become very popular in recent years and the technology has advanced exponentially as dermatologists have worked in the field of hair restoration for many years.

We have many licensed physicians and clinics ready to help you transform yourself when you are ready for our exceptional results! Just call or email us for more information!