Types of Nose Surgery

Tip Plasty

For patients that want to revise their bulbous tip, a tip rhinoplasty is the solution.  A surgeon removes the fatty tissue that is common in non-caucasian noses.

In fact, Korean doctors use your own cartilage to construct the tip of your nose.

Blunt Tip Correction

If you have a blunt nose tip, there is a solution.  To get a sharp and sophisticated look, a blunt nose tip correction is recommended.

Recommended for those who

1. Have wide or blunt nose tip

2. Dissatisfied with current shape of nose

3. Have enlarged/thickened nose tip

Korean doctors usually use your own cartilage to construct the tip of your nose.

Bridge Augmentation

One issue in rhinoplasty that typically occurs with Asian and African American noses is the prevalence of a low bridge or dorsum.  This often leads to the appearance of a wider nose and a less defined appearance to face.  In Korea, a bridge augmentation utilizes a patient’s own tissue or a synthetic product such as silicone or medpore.  Most often, Korean doctors prefer using a patient’s own tissue for augmenting the nasal bridge (septal, ear or rib cartilage).

Hooked Nose Correction

Hook nose often referred to as beak nose is a nose with a bump on the bridge.  A hook nose correction removes the bump on the bridge by reshaping or shaving the protruding bone/cartilage on bridge of nose.

Extension of Short Nose

A short nose is one of the most challenging aspects of rhinoplasty.  Short noses can be both an aesthetic and functional issue.  However when a short nose is extended by a skillful surgeon, it can give a dramatic effect.

Recommended for those who

1. have a short or upturned nose

2. have prominent nostril exposure

3. Have upturned nose after inserting prosthesis

Bent Nose Rhinoplasty

When the nose is curved to one side it is called crooked nose or bent nose. This type of nose can result in many physical ailments like chronic headaches, nasal obstruction etc. This procedure not only correct the physical ailment but also makes the nose look more appealing.

Alar Reduction

Do you have wide and big nostrils that make your nose look awkward?  An alarplasty to reduce your nostrils can give your nose a more pleasant and sophisticated look

Nose Revision

Sometimes having a nose surgery can result in unsatisfactory issues such as wrong implant place, undesired nose shape, narrow nose tip, nose deformation, movement of implant and infection. In order to correct these issues, a revision rhinoplasty is needed.   Because of the difficult nature of this procedure, a skilled surgeon is needed.