Feel Great In Your Skin - Seoul Cosmetic Surgery
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Feel Great In Your Skin!

Here at Seoul Cosmetic Surgery, we have a variety of cosmetic dermatological procedures to suit your particular needs. The procedures which we offer include:

Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting is a popular and relatively new procedure which involves extraction of the fat from buttocks, thighs, stomach, etc.  and transferring into problem areas.  A particular advantage of this procedure is that there is no real downtime, and no rejection risk whatsoever, as it is the body’s own tissue. In addition, another advantage is that it lasts a fairly long time.


There are also fillers, which are crafted from various artificial and natural substances, and injected to expand soft tissue.  Think restylane, juvederm, radiesse, and dysport, which are well known for firming and plumping lips, or reducing/eliminating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Laser Treatment

In addition to fillers, we also have laser treatment options to smooth your skin, treat acne, or deal with scars and pores. In particular, there is FRAXEL, a noninvasive laser procedure utilizing a laser on the dermis and epidermis, to remove skin pigment. Furthermore the various wavelengths can treat varying degrees and types of skin conditions.

Permanent Cosmetic Makeup

We also offer permanent cosmetic makeup, an insertion of pigments into the skin to give the appearance of having make-up already on.  This can be used to make the skin seem healthier, cover up flaws, or make the skin seem nice yet natural “without makeup” (shh you don’t have to tell!) and is gaining popularity as a procedure today in Korea.


Oh, and finally what respectable cosmetic clinic wouldn’t offer BOTOX? Naturally, the injection of BOTOX to paralyze muscles to straighten out wrinkles is a tried and true practice, and our qualified staff would be happy to direct you to the right clinic for your wrinkle reduction needs, or any others, so give us a call or email!