Stem Cells

Stem Cell Treatments Are Finally Here!

The building block of all life in the human body is the stem cell. But what is a stem cell? Simply answered, a stem cell is a special kind of cell in the body that all of the body, skin, hair, organs, muscles, and bone developed from.

Stem cells can divide and replicate into many other copies of themselves. Or, it grows into replacements for specialized types of cells. This replacement treatment is also known as “induced pluripotent cell” treatment. It has shown to be effective for healing damaged tissue as these cells become differentiated into cells for many parts of the body.

This treatment is part of a new field called “regenerative medicine”. These stem cells are currently being used in rare organs and expensive transplant procedures to grow new organs in a lab.

However, these stem cell treatments can be used for reasons like skin and hair. This is a treatment that is popular in Korea. A large number of foreign travelers have come to Korea to utilize these treatments, which are cost efficient and effective.

Here, we have a team of licensed physicians with expertise in stem cell treatments as well as other procedures. They are ready to serve you in a number of renowned clinics across Korea.

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