Women’s Surgery

Women Surgery

Seoul Cosmetic Surgery knows a few things about the role of aesthetics in sexuality and self-esteem! We offer women surgery such as:


In addition, aginoplasty is a procedure that aims to improve “tightness” after losing it from aging or childbirth. Also, we improve sensitivity too with specialized injections. Results depends on personal expectations. However, sensitivity and tightness do not necessarily lead to heightened sexual fulfillment.


Labiaplasty, is a procedure for changing the size or shape of the vaginal labia. That can be performed alone, or in conjunction with a vaginoplasty.

Clitoroplasty etc.

We offer clitoroplasty and fat transplants. In fact, our trained physicians are experts in determining what procedures are right for your own needs and expectations.

Furthermore, the cosmetic benefits to these procedures includes improved sexual satisfaction and improved self-esteem. Moreover, there is little reason to hesitate scheduling a call for consultation with our team of cosmetic medical experts today!