Take a look at the amazing influencers who we helped get stellar cosmetic and skin procedures during their trips to Korea! Read their blogs or watch their videos to get insider info about how SCS works. And how you can get high quality procedures done too!


  1. Soul of Seoul receiving skin treatment with Seoul Cosmetic Surgery

    The Soul of Seoul| Skin Treatment

    “I think my skin is looking just stunning if I do say so myself and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results… My skin looks younger and brighter and has responded so well to all of the treatments that the doctor suggested. I can’t thank the staff of Banobagi and Mona and Dean from Seoul Cosmetic Surgery enough for inviting me.” 


    Check out blogger Hallie Bradley’s post on her skincare experience with lasers, prp, serums and more! In fact, we helped Hallie every step of the way ensuring that she knew exactly what would happen next. And that she was getting the quality care she deserves! If you are interested in any of our skin treatments then read her review to know more about the entire process.

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  2. Davina Wells in rhinoplasty consultation with SCS

    Devina Wells | Rhinoplasty

    “They did nothing but make me feel comfortable and at ease. Western beauty standards differ to that of the Far East. Plus, Korea has so many hospitals & clinics, some good and some great, but having the resources, (especially as a woman of colour) to help navigate and communicate what I wanted was vital. I’m grateful for the clinics in house foreign liaison, who was able to translate what I was saying. And equally Seoul Cosmetic Surgery for helping me choose the right clinic.”


    If you are interested in getting rhinoplasty in Korea, but are a little apprehensive then check out blogger Devina Wells’ blog post and video! Indeed, her video and post go over her experience as a woman of color getting nose surgery in Korea. Likewise, we helped Devina every step of the way and made sure she received the best care in Seoul!

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  3. Be Mused Korea founder in skin consultation with Seoul Cosmetic Surgery

    Be Mused | Thermage FLX

    “My skin is not only brighter and tighter, but it also has a youthful vibrancy I haven’t seen in years. I get a lot less comments about how tired I look… My experience with Seoul Cosmetic Surgery has been such a pleasure. If I had chosen a random clinic on my own to get Thermage FLX done, I’m certain the process wouldn’t have been as effortless as it was with SCS. Banobagi Dermatology was the perfect match for me!”


    Additionally, check out founder and curator of Be Mused Korea, Lisa’s experience with Thermage FLX! Above all, we ensured Lisa’s skincare goals were met and she received the best skincare procedure possible. In particular, we helped Lisa meet up with the best doctor for her specific needs. And curated her consultation to exactly what she wanted. In fact, every step of the way we ensured Lisa got the treatment she deserved! So check out her blog post to learn more about her skincare treatment.

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  4. Suki in Seoul receiving numbing cream with Seoul Cosmetic Surgery

    Suki in Seoul | Skin Treatment

    “Mona Hanson and her partner Dean of Seoul Cosmetic Surgery were a great team that helped me to fully understand all the procedures. Their service as guides and the medians of the whole experience were invaluable. I highly recommend this type of concierge service if you’re either a foreigner who isn’t fluent in Korean or coming from abroad to Korea for cosmetic procedures.”


    Also, take an in depth look into blogger and MUA Dorothy’s experience with laser treatments in Seoul. Notably, we helped her gain access to some of the best clinics in Seoul. And helped her receive the high quality care she deserves!

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  5. SkinfullofSeoul preparing for skin procedure with SCS

    SkinfullofSeoul | All-in-one Therapy

    “I also want to point out how impressed I’ve been with Mona and Dean at Seoul Cosmetic Surgery. They’ve been so unbelievably supportive, attending every session and ensuring every single aspect is taken care of. I haven’t had to worry about a thing, and I’d HIGHLY recommend using their expertise if you want to delve into Seoul’s dermatology/surgery world. It’s really invaluable to have that inside help.” 


    Moreover, take a look at blogger Katherine’s skin experience with All-in-one therapy. Indeed, we helped her pick the best treatment for her skin type. And ensured that she knew what was happening every step of the way!

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Nalu | Jaw Surgery

“Mona and Dean from Seoul Cosmetic Surgery understand that you are looking for natural results…When you get surgery you are so vulnerable, it’s important to have people that support you. I’m happy to have met them and to have done this together.”


Watch Youtuber Nalu walk you through her plastic surgery experience. In fact, her video is full of first hand experiences post-op and real footage of her recovery process. Above all, we ensured Nalu got exactly what she was looking for! Indeed, from consultation to post op we made sure Nalu felt comfortable and in control of her entire experience!

Kickstarting Life | Double Eyelid, Rhinoplasty + Breast Augmentation

“Mona and Dean, they have been amazing. They helped us book in just two weeks. They booked in a consultation for us, booked in the surgery. Also helped us negotiate some really good prices. And they’re with you every step of the way. They picked us up at the station when we arrived in Seoul, they’ve accompanied us to all the consultations. And have just been amazing”


Also, watch Youtube couple Gabby and Vinny on their plastic surgery journey  together in Seoul! As a matter of fact, we ensured that their schedules were lined up since they were traveling together. And got them the results they have been desiring!

Claudipia | Skin Treatment, Breast Augmentation + Dental

“Like always, Mona from Seoul Cosmetic Surgery accompanies me. If you don’t know, she has accompanied me to all the treatments I have had in Korea.”


In particular, watch all three videos Youtuber Claudipia has made for the various treatments she has received through us here in Seoul! Indeed, we have helped her book procedures for breast augmentation, skin treatment, and dental procedures. And every time we ensured she received top notch care with amazing results.

Qianna Jay | Skin Treatment + Dental

“If you’re coming from America, SCS can hook you up with shopping, hotels, or anything that you need — they can hook you up with that. They really cater to international travelers or foreigners in general. So you’re going to have a good one-on-one time with these people. They help you and they work with you. And they even help you with discounts, so that’s really cool too.”


And watch Youtuber Qianna Jay’s two videos on skin treatment and dental work in Korea if you’re thinking about medical tourism with us! Specifically, we ensured that Qianna not only received sublim care but also had a great time while in Seoul! Specifically, we took care of all the planning for her and allowed her to relax and have fun!

Star Lengas | Ultherapy

“Seoul Cosmetic Surgery is headed by Mona and Dean. Mona is American and Dean is Korean. So you definitely get the best of both worlds when you’re trying to have someone help you curate your experience. I worked with them previously when I hosted an event and I’ve heard nothing but good and positive things from other bloggers who have worked with them.” 


Also, take a look at Youtube Star Lenga’s vlog and review of her Ultherapy treatment with us. In fact, we helped Start decide which treatment would be the best for her skin. And connected her with some of the best doctors and clinics in all of Seoul!

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