Give Your Skin What It Needs

Skincare Night Routine

Give Your Skin What It Needs

Did you ever wish you just had the magic answer for your skin care needs, or that your body could just tell you what it needed? Wouldn’t it be great if we knew all of the things going on inside our own body that contribute to the health of our skin? Since our body can’t directly communicate to us what is going on, our skin is actually a fairly reliable indicator of our overall health. Other than that, we simply have to rely on research and advise from experts to figure out our own body.

Indeed, the skin is the largest human organ, so it makes sense that we should take extra good care of it. Sometimes, though, things are going to happen to our bodies against our will such as peeling skin. But don’t fret! One of many amazing writers from The Klog, Hannah Johnson, gives us a little bit of insight into why this is happening in her article:

The Reason Why Your Skin Is Peeling

In the cold winter months, our skin can take a beating from the elements. You might wake up in the morning and notice your skin feels dry and tight. But if it’s unusually flaky, there may be more than just the weather to blame

Washing With Too-Hot Water
On a cold day, a piping hot shower may seem like the perfect cure for your chills. But all that hot water blasting on your skin is likely drying it out and leaving it tight, itchy and peeling as soon as you’ve toweled off. Why? The hotter the water, the faster it breaks down your skin’s oil barrier, leaving it vulnerable to irritation and stripping it of its natural moisture. Your best defense is to take short, warm showers and to moisturize your skin, from head to toe, while it’s still damp. This will ensure you lock in your skin’s natural moisture and help the barrier to repair itself again.

AHAs and BHAs can be a great way to improve your skin tone and fight those dreaded fine lines and blackheads, but it’s easy to get carried away. If you have dry skin to begin with, overuse of acids can again lead to breaking down your skin’s natural moisture barrier or even causing your skin to go into exfoliation overload, resulting in excessive flaking and peeling as dead skin is broken down. This is why it’s important to let your acid exfoliators do their work but to always follow up with hydrating serums and moisturizers to maintain a healthy balance.

As we learn more about the inner workings of our skin, we can better cater to it. Did you know that there are some skin care ingredients that are extra effective during the nighttime? I didn’t either until I came across the following article. Everyone need to know this to take their skin care routine to the next level. Thank-you Tatiana Knack for the great read:

The Skincare Ingredients You Should Be Using at Night

On top of knowing what each skin care ingredient can do for your skin, you need to understand when to use each one. Read on to see the skin care ingredients designed to work best at night

AHAs and BHAs
Both AHAs and BHAs are chemical exfoliators. AHAs can appear on the back of your skin care product listed as lactic acid and glycolic acid. These ingredients are great for combating dull skin, wrinkles, and dryness. BHAs, on the other hand, help to fight acne from beneath the surface. The most common BHA is Salicylic acid. Beta hydroxybutanoic acid and trethocanic acid (also known as citric acid) are a few other BHAs.

Yes, you can still use your AHAs and BHAs during the day. But note that you should be extremely vigilant applying your sunscreen throughout the day since these chemical exfoliants make your skin very sensitive to UV rays and could cause pigmentation. For this reason, they are best used at night.

Finally, we all know that no one takes their skin care regime as serious as Asians do. That is why many of them appear much younger than they are. They start their skin care regime when they are young. Plus, they are always testing out the newest products that come out on the market to continuously  develop the perfect routine for that silky smooth and baby soft skin.

In fact, Asian females dominate the beauty blogging world to share their secrets. For the amount of effort and time spent on obtaining the perfect skin appearance and feel, it seems only natural that they would want to share it with the world. One of these women, a popular beauty blogger by the name of Jude Chao, wrote a review. It is on a highly sought-after skincare product from China currently out on the market – Naruko Jingcheng 60 Actives Youth Activating Enhancer:


They may not be as exciting as serums and ampoules, but hydrating toners are some of my favorite Asian beauty products. One such hydrating toner is the very clearly named Naruko Jingcheng 60 Actives Youth Activating Enhancer. Personally, I think we should all know from the name exactly what this thing does, but just in case you’re lost, let’s check it out!

Jingcheng is Naruko’s prestige line. “Jingcheng” means “capital city” and evokes images of emperors and fancy ladies with bejeweled headgear (in the aesthetic of cheesy Chinese historical dramas, if you’re me and that’s what you grew up on). The products feature an herbal extract blend inspired by traditional Chinese medicine.

There is no such thing as a magical fountain of youth. However, there is a way for people to keep their skin looking younger and fresher. The way to do this, of course, is to start having an excellent skin care routine even at a younger age. Since our body can’t just tell us what works best for our skin however, we must research through trial and error, how to best keep ourselves looking our youngest and healthiest.

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