Try Watercolor Painting while Enjoying Souffle Pancakes

A girl is enjoying watercolor painting fluffy souffle pancakes at a table.

Try Watercolor Painting while Enjoying Souffle Pancakes


Each Seoul Cosmetic Surgery medical tourism package is organized around your needs. Several clients ask us to find activities to do while in Seoul, but cannot make heavy activities after surgery. Usually, we suggest stress-free but fun activities that they can only experience in South Korea.

One activity we suggest often is the “instagrammable café tour”. Since Seoul is famous for its cute and quirky cafés, it is not hard to find an option for everyone. Indeed, we suggest trying a cafè where you can try watercolor painting and enjoy Japanese souffle pancakes.

eat pancakes while painting

Japanese Souffle Pancakes are a trend!

Japanese Souffle Pancakes are the Asian variant of the traditional American breakfast dish. They are made by adding fewer egg yolks and whipping more egg whites. Because of this, they are extremely soft and fluffy. Fluffy pancakes recently became a trend in Seoul, and many people prefer this variant to the classical one.

One of the best relaxing activities you can do in Seoul…

If you need relaxing activities in Seoul, you should really try this cafè, where you can enjoy the famous Japanese soufflé pancakes. Moreover, this cafè is art-themed, and it specializes in watercolor painting. Not only you can order cute drinks and desserts, but you can also create a masterpiece.

This place became famous because of the smart idea of the owners, who combined delicious food and art together. You can choose between a lot of tasty drinks and two types of fluffy pancakes, all served on a painting tray. In addition, they will give you colors, paper, and a water brush so you can paint.

…While Visiting An Instagrammable Cafè

Not only the activity itself is extremely popular on Instagram, but the place and the food are Instagram-worthy. The way this cafè serves their food and the way they set up the desserts and drinks is totally aesthetic. You can upgrade your Instagram game with no effort.

Obviously, we can help you find other beautiful places where to take good pictures. Remember that Seoul Cosmetic Surgery wants you to enjoy your medical trip, and to make good memories. So while at it, why not try  Fashion Illustration Classes with a real Seoul Designer?

eat pancakes while painting

Why you should try Watercolor Painting

The benefits of watercolor painting have been recognized by medicine. Watercolors need patience, but help us to slow down, relieve the stress and discover our creativity. Also, the people who tried this activity said it was fine for beginners and was very fun. If you pair such relaxing activity with eating delicious food, you will experience double the fun. You can focus on your painting, then take a break to take a bite. The Japanese soufflé pancakes are very good and filling, not to mention they are super pretty.

Our Experience

As usual, we sent our staff to try first hand if this activity was worth your time and money. The menu was various, full of drinks for every taste. The most famous one is the tangerine latte, but they opted for a chocolate mocha and another signature drink, strawberry latte. They also ordered both types of pancakes, one with melted butter and the other with seasonal fruits. They obviously took many pictures. The fluffy Japanese pancakes tasted so good and were super soft. Overall, they thought it was a really interesting idea, and had a lot of fun painting with watercolors.

Would you try this cafè in Seoul during your medical trip? Let us know!


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