Travel To Korea During Covid: What You Should Know

Travel to Korea During COVID

Travel To Korea During Covid: What You Should Know

Not many people travel to Korea during Covid

After several months of travel ban to South Korea, foreigners can now enter the country again. However, as of January 2021, entry restrictions still determine who can enter the country under specific conditions. If you are want to travel to Korea during Covid-19  for a cosmetic procedure, this article will give you all the info you need to know.

Is it dangerous to travel to South Korea right now?

You finally bought that ticket to Seoul but… Is it safe to travel to South Korea?  Yes, there is no travel ban to  South Korea, and it is safer than other countries, thanks to the strict controls on both foreigners and native citizens. Also, Korean citizens respect the safety instructions given by the Korean authorities. You will be mostly safe and protected, whether you are in a crowded area such as Gangnam, or just enjoying a stroll around less known areas of the city. What you should know is that wearing a mask is required unless you are eating; if not, you might receive a fine!

Before Coming to Korea: What to Prepare

One of the most important things to prepare before coming to Korea is your visa. Currently, tourist visa holders can enter the country, but some may need a “Fit to Fly” certificate. Another important thing you need to travel to Korea during Covid is Medical Insurance. It is always important to have private insurance, especially for tourists. Besides these, things like taxis and accommodations will be provided to you after you enter the country.

When you travel to Korea during Covid, Covid19 Test is required

Safety Protocol in Korea

You have finally landed on the land of morning calm, now what do you do? Do not worry, the staff at Incheon Airport will guide you through the process. Every person who decided to travel to Korea during Covid has to take a Covid-19 test, so at some point, you will be asked to do a PCD Covid-19 tampon. Remember to have your passport and the papers given to you during the flight (Health Declaration Form and a Special Quarantine Declaration Form) always with you. Those are required for the check-in at the quarantine desk, which will last only a few minutes. The staff will ask you to download an app to track your location and write your temperature two times a day. They will also ask your phone number to call you randomly and check if you are respecting the quarantine.

Travel to Korea during Covid: Mandatory Quarantine

Regardless of your visa status, new entries are required to spend two weeks in quarantine. Some hotels and guesthouses do allow visitors to spend the quarantine time in their rooms. However, we suggest using the quarantine facilities provided by the state. Not only will it be easier for you, but it also saves you from going through the hassle to search for it on your own. The downside is having to pay two million won ($1700-1800 USD ) as the standard price. If you are worried about how much it would cost to travel to South Korea, then take into consideration the quarantine expenses when planning the trip.

Wear a mask on Transportation when travel to Korea during CovidEveryday Life Safety Instructions

After two weeks of quarantine, you will be able to delete the app from your phone and go your way.  You will have to follow some preventive safety measures, such as wearing a mask in public places and on transportations. Besides, you will be able to find hand sanitizer and disinfectants pretty much everywhere.

Some big stores, banks, hospitals, and several public offices have machines or staff ready to measure your temperature as well. The things you have to do to prevent contagion are more or less the same in every country. You will see how Koreans take safety instructions very seriously!

Experiencing Korea During Covid19

Depending on the level of infected people in the country, it might be impossible for you to do some activities. Before you travel to Korea during Covid, you should know that karaoke, clubs, and pubs are usually closed. Even without nightlife traveling to South Korea can still be fun. Small pubs and restaurants still allow customers to eat in, parks, some museums, and exhibitions open during a specific time. Besides, cultural places such as the Korean Palaces and famous kbeauty, and kfashion road shops are always open.

This information could change based on the government list of safety measures. For example, during the holidays, small cafès, small pubs, and chain coffee shops only allow take-away. Restaurants are open only until 9 p.m.

As for any trip, we suggest you get your information beforehand from reliable sources such as the Korea Herald and stay in contact with your embassy. We also suggest you check the news and see what you will be able or will not be able to do. Alternatively, you can ask us and our concierge service will be happy to set a travel plan with curated experiences for you.


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