Hair Care: Korea Versus America

Hair Care Korea Versus America

Hair Care: Korea Versus America

Healthy, long, luscious locks are every girls dream. Silky smooth tendrils that flow through the fingers easily are every woman’s desire. To maintain a healthy head of hair is quite difficult. With different types of hair care, regimens, and secrets out there it is difficult to choose just one. Every culture has their own tips and tricks to maintaining a healthy scalp and locks. In this post we will explore hair care in Korea versus America.

Hair Care


Hair care regimens vary from culture to culture. With different types of hair and textures, there is a treatment for everyone ensuring that every woman can have a healthy head of hair. As hair texture varies, regimens vary as well. Some cultures focus on using chemical products, other organic products, and some use raw ingredients.

Whether it be treating dandruff, an itchy scalp, oily tendrils or dry locks, there is a neat trick or tip for you. Each country and culture has it’s own unique methods for taking care of their hair. In this post we will discuss the differences and similarities in hair care regimes between Korea and America.

Let’s take a look at hair care regimens in America first.

Hair Care Regimens In America



Hair care regimens in America vary from state to state. Seeing as the United States is a melting pot of different nationalities, there are a multitude of regimes. Some Americans follow a strict list of products and treatments to use while others stick to the basics and keep it simple. Here are a few hair care tips and tricks used in America:

-Natural Oils

-Regular Trims

-DIY Hair Masks

-Deep Condition

Organic, natural ingredients are swiftly making their way through America. With brands such as LUSH, Simple Skincare, and Salty Girl Beauty taking over the beauty industry, organic products have never been more popular. As the use of organic ingredients is becoming more and more popular the use of these ingredients in hair care products and regimens is now becoming more common. For an in depth look as to why organic ingredients are used and their multitude of benefits, please see our previous post below.

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Natural oils such as coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil are some of the more commonly used oils in hair care regimes. Coconut oil works to soften hair. Often used as a natural conditioner, coconut oil helps to restore dry dead locks into healthy moisturized strands.

Castor oil is favored by both men and women. Used commonly for thickening hair, this oil also helps to restore hair that has been lost. If used on thinning or bald patches, castor oil can help initiate hair growth. Olive oil serves as an overnight conditioning treatment. This oil is used to moisturize, nourish, and bring a healthy shine to the hair. Very beneficial for the scalp as well, olive oil is one of the favored natural oils to use in American hair care regimens.

Another tip in American hair care is to get regular trims. A quick snip every three or four weeks can help hair to grow faster as well as prevent dead locks and split ends. Along with this another trick is to use DIY hair masks. Utilizing raw natural ingredients such as eggs, honey, and natural oils, these hair masks are used to nourish the hair fueling it with essential vitamins and minerals it needs to grow healthy and strong.

The last hair care tip is to deep condition. By using a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week, the hair is given loads of vitamins and minerals essential for it to grow long, healthy and strong. American hair care is a mixture of using both organic ingredients as well as chemical products. Depending on an individuals hair type one may suit them better than the other. Now let’s take a look at Korean hair care.

Hair Care Regimens In Korea


Women looking at the camera with her flowing hair hair transplant


Hair routine in Korea is much like their skin routine. Intense and followed religiously. There are multiple types of hair care regimens. Whether it is simple or complex the foundation of each regimen is the same. Korean hair products contain both chemical ingredients as well as organic, similar to skin care products. Some of the common steps involved in Korean hair care regimens include:

-Scalp Massage

-Healthy Diet

-Scalp Mask

-Hair Mask

Scalp massages can be done on either wet hair or dry. In-shower massages require a specialized brush that aids in blood circulation and helps to promote healthy hair growth. Also performed on dry hair, this technique can boost hair growth and also fight dandruff.

Korean diets are based around fruits, vegetables, and healthy meats. With a rather healthy lifestyle Koreans tend to have healthy glowing skin, strong nails, as well as long luscious locks. What the body intakes often shows in your physical features.

The next step is to use both a scalp and hair mask. Scalp masks are similar to scalp massages in that they help fight infections that may be present on the scalp. They also provide the scalp with necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to help grow long healthy locks. A hair mask conditions and treats damaged hair. Working as a food for your hair strands, a hair mask can help revive dead dry locks to their former glory.

In Conclusion


Hair care in Korea and America is very important. Utilizing ingredients and products that are beneficial for the scalp and hair is very common in both cultures. With healthy diets and lifestyles every man and woman can achieve their dream head of hair. Both cultures have great tips and tricks. Try one from both and see what’s suits you best.

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