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For companies who are interested in the Korean Beauty industry, we offer a variety of solutions.

K-beauty consulting

fFrom concept to implementation and beyond, we provide a one of a kind service for companies who either want to create their own Korean beauty product or sell a Korean beauty product in another country.
Indeed, our team knows the Korean beauty industry and is up to date with the latest trends and products available in Korea and other counties. So if creating or marketing a K-beauty product interests you or your company, contact us today! Then we’ll consult with you to find the best plan that fits you and your K-beauty product!

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Korean Beauty Products


If you’re a buyer interested in Korean beauty products, then we can source the right manufacturers for you! Indeed, at SCS we have a plethora of manufacturing contacts in South Korea that specialize in K-beauty products. So all you have to do is tell us what you’re interested in. Then we take care of the rest and find the right manufacture for your specific needs and wants!

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K-beauty tours

Additionally, we offer specialized Korean beauty tours around Seoul. In fact, we take you to all the best spots for K-beauty. As well as show you the biggest trends in beauty that Seoul has to offer.
What’s more is, you simply tell us what part of Korean beauty interests you the most, then we plan the tour and show you around! So you can relax and enjoy yourself! Moreover, we work with you specifically when planning the tour. So rest assured that all your needs will be met by our team!

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Doctor trainings at top clinics in Seoul

Doctor Training

Furthermore, we offer training for continuing doctors at some of the top clinics in Seoul. In fact, we offer specialized doctor training workshops that focus on the most popular K-beauty plastic surgery procedures such as nose job, double eyelid surgery, acne scarring treatment etc…
Indeed, you’ll experience first hand how practiced Korean plastic surgeons operate! What’s more is these workshops are only offered at our best clinics. So you know you’ll be getting a once in a lifetime experience!

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