Loved Seoul Cosmetic Surgery teams professional yet down to earth personalized service! Definitely no.1 company I would recommend for any beauty service in Seoul. You can be at ease that they know all the top doctors and latest procedures in Korea.

Lisa Kim Avatar Lisa Kim

There is some great expertise as far as clinics and doctors go in South Korea However as a foreigner the need for a concierge service is paramount to a good experience. Seoul Cosmetic Surgery is both knowledgeable and experienced as well as deeply empathetic to their clients desired outcome and their needs. Having breast augmentation in Seoul through their service was not only an invaluable tool in finding the proper clinic and perfect doctor for my surgery but they also gave the emotional support I needed to do it while away from my family in a foreign country. If you are a foreigner looking to reap the benefits of the well trained plastic surgeons of Korea, I highly recommend you do it through Seoul Cosmetic Surgery to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Suki in Seoul Avatar Suki in Seoul

Seoul Cosmetic Surgery is a highly recommendable, very professional medical tourism and cosmetic surgery agency. Mona, Dean and the rest of their staff are very knowledgable in the field of cosmetic surgery and were a great help in explaining and evaluating the different surgery procedures that were suggested by the clinics. Both took a lot of time to fully understanding my desire and dilligently explained it to the doctors. Having Seoul Cosmetic Surgery on my side was not only a great help in finding the best clinic and best value for money. It was very reassuring to have a support on my side to supervise and manage the treatment over a period of several weeks. Thank you very much again!

Julia Rath Avatar Julia Rath

I absolutely loved working with this company in S. Korea! I honestly had no idea where to turn for dermatology or dentistry work. This company was sent from above because both Dean and Mona helped me through the entire process from consultation to the ends of both of my procedures. They gave me peace of mind and were so helpful. It was a smooth process from beginning to end. I’m so happy with my skin and teeth because of their help! They recommended top of the line clinics, so I knew I was getting my monies worth with great service. Don’t hesitate to contact this company. They are legit!

Qianna Jay Avatar Qianna Jay

While living in Seoul, Korea I had a bad experience with my dentist. They started to conduct a dental procedure without my consent or understanding. Luckily, I had Dean and Mona Lisa by my side to find a new dental clinic that I could trust. Dean accompanied me to my appointment, translated from Korean to English and made sure I was well taken care of and comfortable. The dentist efficiently drilled my minor cavity and I felt better knowing that someone was there to hold my hand (LITERALLY!). Love Mona Lisa and Dean so much, and will use them when I go back for teeth whitening and any skincare touch up needs.

Lindsay Joo Donohue Avatar Lindsay Joo Donohue

I was fortunate enough to have the support and knowledge of Mona and Dean when I had surgery done in Seoul. From the start to finish, they were professional, helpful and caring. They went above and beyond to make sure my surgery was smooth and successful. During my consultation, and on surgery day holding my hand literally, they were there! I'm sure not all medical tourism agency do that I can't recommend or thank them enough!! x

Ruby Alexander Avatar Ruby Alexander

Seoul Cosmetic Surgery helped with everything and made me feel very comfortable - Mona and Dean were consistently kind, considerate and extremely knowledgeable. The website is also beautiful and easy to use. Would recommend 100%!

Hannah Kemper Avatar Hannah Kemper

I loved working with Seoul Cosmetic Surgery! Mona and Dean were very kind and knowledgeable throughout my whole plastic surgery journey. They held my hand every step of the way and were available to me 24/7, even when I was in the US. They made sure I was comfortable and that I understood everything that was going on. They might be a smaller company than DocFinder, but they were more personal and attentive that way. I highly recommend them!

Jennifer Shim Avatar Jennifer Shim

The best luxury cosmetic surgery service in Seoul! Mona and Dean are caring and friendly. They make everything so easy from start to finish. Highly recommended if you want to get a cosmetic surgery in Seoul.

Jen Auh Avatar Jen Auh