How Korean Idols Affect The Cosmetic Surgery Industry

How Korean Idols affect the Cosmetic Surgery Industry

How Korean Idols Affect The Cosmetic Surgery Industry

Bold bright eyes, fairy like features, and sun kissed skin are the characteristics that dance on Korean billboards. Korean actors, actresses, and singers display the ‘ideal’ physical traits and advertise them through their dramas, and music videos. In this post we will discuss the impact Korean Idols have on the cosmetic surgery industry.

How Do Korean Idols Affect The Cosmetic Surgery Industry?

Korean pop culture has increased the use of cosmetic surgery. How so? Through popular Korean dramas and music videos, viewers are exposed to the ‘ideal’ features their idols wear. With the rise of K-pop and K-Dramas, viewers from all over the world are now undergoing cosmetic surgery. Some in order to look like their favorite idols, others in order to feel more confident about themselves.

Why Is Cosmetic Surgery So Popular?


People undergo cosmetic surgery for a variety of reasons. Some people go under the knife in order to regain the youth they once had, others to fix features that may have been damaged over time. In extreme cases, some people have cosmetic surgery done in order to fix features they are bullied for.

The amount of exposure Korean idols have increases the number of cosmetic procedures every year. The amount of cosmetic procedures performed in South Korea versus other nations is 3:1. With popular actors and actresses taking the big screen and starring in dramas that are viewed all over the world, their physical features are exposed to a larger audience. Thus creating a sense of exclusivity. Their features become favorable leading more and more people to committing to cosmetic surgery.

Popular K-pop groups such as BTS, Girls Generation, and Exo are known in countries all over the world. With BTS recently touring in America, Exo having a fountain show in Dubai, and Girls Generation being one of the first to show on a wide scale stage, their physical characteristics are idealized. Their fame and popularity have people wanting to look like them. While others may be wanting to fix their flaws, caused by external forces, in order to regain their natural features.

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Why Korea

What Areas Are Treated?


Cosmetic surgery has a variety of procedures, ranging from permanent makeup to liposuction. Rhinoplasty to hair transplants. With such a versatile list of treatments, here are the most common areas treated:






Macro shot of human eye and eyelid with red veins


Korean idols such as Exo’s: Kai, Girls Generations: Yoona, and famous actor Lee Minho get so much attention in regards to their looks. All three as described as ‘perfect’. A physical feature all three share are double eyelids. While some idols are born like this, others undergo cosmetic surgery to achieve this look.

Double eyelid surgery consists of removing excess skin and fat in order for the eyelid to fold over. This helps the eye to look wider as well as convert the mono lid to a double lid. In fact, double eye lid surgery is so common in South Korea that parents gift this procedure to their children as a graduation present.



cosmetic surgery of the nose


Rhinoplasties are very common among Korean movie stars and singers. Before idols debut, many of them undergo rhinoplasty. Most procedures remove humps, reshape the nostrils, or remove bulbous nose tips. Some well known Korean idols that have undergone surgery include Jessi Ho, ZE:A’s Kwanghee, and Hyuna.

The small, symmetrical noses shown through television programs and music videos exposes viewers to rhinoplasty thus increasing the desirability for it. Usually people will undergo rhinoplasties for medical reasons, others to fix what they might view as ‘flaws’ in order to feel more confident.



Women receiving lip fillers seoul - cosmetic surgery


Through harsh weather conditions and use of chemically infused lipsticks, glosses, and tints the lips can lose their natural color. Over time lips can become chapped, dry, colorless, and contain dark spots. While most Korean stars such as KyungRi opt for temporary lip tattoos that color the lips for a few days, others have their lips tattooed.

This is a popular cosmetic procedure which consists of tattooing the lips in a natural color restoring your damaged lips to its former glory. While it is possible to have your lips done in bold colors such as firetruck red, and burgundy wine, most opt for natural colors such as soft pink, light reds, and simple peach tones.





chin cosmetic surgery


Actors and actresses display dainty fairy like features with small faces and pointy chins. Korean singers grace the cover pages of popular magazines with their angelic faces. Famous idols with this ideal chin would include Girls Generations: Taeyeon, former member Jessica Jung, popular ballad singer IU, and Miss A’s Suzy.

Some Korean idols who have undergone chin surgery include: T-Ara’s Hyomin, singer Park Hyo Shin, and actress Kim Jung Eun. When idols admit to their surgeries and proudly display their procedures, this gives people the confidence they need to undergo surgery.


How Seoul Cosmetic Surgery Can Help.

At Seoul Cosmetic Surgery we understand the reasons behind cosmetic surgery. Whether it be to look like your idols or right the damage that may have been caused by external forces, we are here to help. As the number of procedures performed in South Korea rises, Seoul Cosmetic Surgery can help to assign clients to clinics that will best understand their case and provide the right treatment.

Cosmetic Surgery can be a delicate subject for some but thanks to the rise in procedures due to Korean idols, it is no longer viewed as a deviant act.

Our medical tourism agency is trusted by both patients and top rated surgeons. Therefore, we strive to bring together our clients with the best Korean medical practice and clinics. Our doctors are pioneers of numerous surgical treatments like transplants, body contour, skin and more. 

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