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Korean Beauty

Korean Idols seem to exude a sense of ethereal beauty. Their flawless glowing skin, long luscious locks, and hypnotic eyes can captivate even the harshest of critics. One would think to look this beautiful, a lot of effort is needed. This notion is false. In this post we will discuss popular Korean beauty tips you can follow to look your best by doing the least.

Korean Beauty Trends

Korean Beauty

Korean beauty trends have always favored the natural look. The goal is to utilize a minimal amount of makeup in order to achieve a natural and effortless look. Korean beauty circles around the notion that the natural features should be enhanced. The main areas of focus when it comes to Korean beauty are:






korean beauty smile pointing at her eye after eyelid surgery


Korean beauty trends in regards to the eyes have always circled around the use of minimal makeup. To make the natural eye color stand out, nude shades are used on the eyelids. Soft, subtle hues with a slight shimmer in it to create the illusion of sunlight dancing on the lids. In western culture where it is common to wear false lashes on a daily basis, in Korean beauty that is not the case.

The lashes are either curled or left to their natural state. Very minimal mascara is applied in order to create a soft wispy effect. The lashes should look like lightweight feathers rather than clumped and heavy as seen in western culture.

In regards to the shape of the eye, double eyelids are most favorable. In fact it is common in Korean culture for parents to gift this procedure to their children as a graduation present.  Mono lids are frequently seen on people hailing from East Asian countries, thus increasing the exclusivity of double eyelids.



Korean beauty for skin


When it comes to Korean skin, natural, healthy glowing skin is most favorable. It is common in East Asian culture for people to take great care of their skin. Flawless, unmarked skin is most desirable in Korean culture. To achieve this, most Koreans follow strict skin regimens or natural skincare routines.

In western culture, contouring the skin is very common. This is a makeup technique which can create the illusion of a different face shape. In Korean culture, the face is more often left to it’s original shape. Soft, minimal makeup is brushed on the skin creating a sun kissed look. The skin should look almost translucent and have a dewy effect. More often this look is accomplished by having healthy skin and following skin routines.

Along with this another beauty trend that is very common in Korea is a V-shaped chin. Most often Korean idols will be seen with V-shaped chins, thus creating the illusion of heart or diamond shaped faces. Cosmetic surgery can help one achieve the desired chin shape.


close up of young woman chin after surgery

A western bandwagon that everyone seems to be jumping on are overly plump lips. After Kylie Jenner debuted her new lips, there has been a rise in cosmetic procedures to help others achieve this look as well. On the other hand the Korean beauty market has stayed true to itself and has not introduced this trend.

The Korean beauty trend for lips is the same as the eyes and skin, to look as natural as possible. Shades of peach, soft pink, and light red are the most used colors. To give the lips a healthy appearance, lip gloss is used. Color is not applied as heavily as it is in western society. The amount of pigmentation used is very little.

There are two ways that lip color is applied. One way is for the color to be spread across the lip with one tone depth while the other is to create a dimensional look. This look requires color to be applied on the outer part of the lips as well as inner. Both looks usually have a glossy layer on top to create a dewy effect.

Use of makeup and damaging effects of the suns rays can cause the lips to darken in color or have spotting. This results in many individuals undergoing permanent lip color treatment, a popular cosmetic procedure, which consists of having the lips tattooed. This is a common cosmetic procedure to undergo in Korea.


Beauty woman with charming smile to you with health skin teeth and hair isolated on white background

While it is common for K-Pop idols to debut neon colored hair before their new album drops, it is not very common for the everyday Korean citizen to rock red locks. In fact the beauty trend for hair is quite the opposite.Korean hair trends have always been the same. Sleek, healthy, luscious locks are what the beauty industry looks for.

Hair color is usually left to its natural state. Jet black, dark brown, and warm honey are some of the most common hair colors. If hair is dyed it is usually in a shade from the brown color family. Through the use of organic and natural products, hair is kept healthy so that minimal product is needed to create sleek, chic looks.

Unfortunately it is common for individuals, many in college and the workforce to lose hair due to stress. This can cause hair to become dry, frizzy and for some may even create bald patches. Cosmetic procedures such as micro grafting, scalp reduction, and slit grafting can help to fix this.

How Seoul Cosmetic Surgery Can Help.

Korean beauty trends circle around natural looking makeup, soft hues and tints, with untreated hair and skin. Though, through exposure to harsh UV rays, weather conditions, and chemically infused products can cause the natural features to become damaged.

Lashes can lose their natural thickness and color through excessive use of mascara and products. Seoul Cosmetic Surgery can help to provide cosmetic surgeons who specialize in eyelash tinting and lifting as well as eyebrow fill ins. Through use of chemical products, skin can become damaged with scars and look dull in appearance. Seoul Cosmetic Surgery can find a clinic that will best understand your skin type and condition, hence providing the best care and treatment for you.

Lips can lose color over time, Seoul Cosmetic Surgery will find cosmetic surgeons who best understand your case and provide you with lip tinting and tattooing reviving the color in your lips. Along with this, permanent makeup is available as well, ensuring that the natural look you are striving for is delivered.

As the body experiences stress and is exposed to chemically enhanced products hair can become damaged, dry, and brittle as well as fall out leaving bald patches in the scalp. Seoul Cosmetic Surgery will help to find a clinic that will evaluate your condition and provide you with the proper medication and procedure to help restore your hair to its former glory.

Furthermore, Korea is home to premier plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics. Whatever your beauty goals are, we’ll make it a reality. Get in touch with us today.




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