Korean Fashion Versus Western Fashion

Korean fashion versus Western fashion

Korean Fashion Versus Western Fashion

Sky high heels, bold tops, statement hoops, and daring dresses walk down the runway during fashion week. Women strive to achieve the effortless swagger of these runway models by adopting their fashion sense. Following trends religiously, every girl wants to be seen as a fashion icon. Fashion trends differ throughout the world. What may be seen as fashion forward in the Western world may be seen as a fashion disaster in Korea. In this post we will take a look at Korean fashion versus Western fashion.

Korean Fashion Versus Western Fashion

Korean Fashion Versus Western Fashion

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Fashion week gathers all the fashionistas of the world to one place. People from the United States, Mexico, Korea, Italy, France etc. all herd to the most extravagant shows during fashion week wanting to show off their style. During these shows, a lot of exposure is given to the different fashion styles and trends of various cultures. Fashion week gives an insight as to what is trending in different areas of the world.

Let’s take a look at the current fashion trends in the Western world.

Western Fashion Trends

Korean Fashion Versus Western Fashion

Image Courtesy of WWD.com

Embellished jeans, bright neon colors, sheer fabrics, and artistic mixed prints grace the walkway in the Western world. With trends such as embroidered and sequined jeans along with floral and striped patterned tops making their way down the runway, the Western world is staying true to their experimental sense of style.

Western fashion has always revolved around the notion of being liberal. In the Western world, people are more open to taking risks. With wide cuts, low backs, and barely there tops, Western fashion strays from conservative looks. Rather experimental with their fashion style, western fashionistas are the first to try over the top trends. Mixing multiple styles together they are not afraid to try what others will not.

Some of the current trends in the Western world include sheer fabrics. Garments composed of soft organza and chiffon graced the runways this year. Sheer tops, tanks, dresses, and jumpsuits are trending for the 2018 Spring season.

Another trend includes bold bright colors. Almost highlight like, these bright shades include colors such as: magenta, bright orange, neon green, and highlighter yellow. With no room for neutral shades on the runway, these statement making colors are seen on oversized blazers, off the shoulder cocktail dresses, and daring low neck tops.

Lastly, one of the more popular trends this season include denim channeling their inner high fashion. With embellished jeans walking down the runway, these long legs are turning heads. Embroidered, sequined, and beaded jeans are trending this Spring season. Make sure to get a pair and show of those legs!

Now let’s take a look at Korean trends.

Korean Fashion Trends

Korean Fashion Versus Western Fashion

Image Courtesy Of HarpersBazaar.

Plaid checkered prints, revamped denim, traditional floral prints, and desaturated hues are making their debut this Spring season. Mixtures of street style and elegance are making their way down the runway this year. Korean fashion is a blend of both traditional prints and colors mixed with modern fashion. Their sense of style is conservative and fun but still practical.

Fashion in Korea has always revolved around the notion of dressing according to the occasion. Koreans pick out garments that are functional, and appropriate for a certain time and place. If going to a high end event, they will dress cool and elegant. If they are going to a laid back fashion show, they will dress in their best street style.

Some of the current trends in Korea are plaid and checkered prints. Cool blazers, cute miniskirts, and slim pants are walking down the runway this year. With a fun yet clean touch, these prints are statement makers. Another trend this year includes revamped denim. Denim dresses, skirts, tops, and jumpsuits are turning heads. With printed, frayed, embellished, and destroyed denim garments there are endless ways to pair these new and inventive garments.

Along with this, traditional floral prints are also making a comeback. Cherry blossom and hibiscus printed tops, scarves, and tanks are paying homage to their culture and country. The last major trend for this year includes desaturated hues. While in Western society, neon colors are trending, in Korea it is the exact opposite. Sticking to solid neutral shades from the nature and basic color palette, Korean garments are playing it safe with their colors but bold with their style.

Korean Versus Western Fashion Culture

Korean Fashion Versus Western Fashion

Image Courtesy Of O’Hanlon Center For The Arts

While on the surface it may seem as if there are not many differences between Korean and Western fashion culture, there are. It is true both cultures tend to dress their best and stand out, though the way they carry their looks out are completely different. Here are a few differences between both fashion cultures.

Korean fashion is rather conservative while Western fashion is more liberal. When it comes to showing skin, Koreans will pick one part to show off and cover up the rest. For example, if wearing shorts they will not wear a crop top as per the Western way. Rather they will pair the shorts with an elegant dress shirt or printed top, depending on the occasion.

In Western society, showing skin is very common. Quite the opposite from Korean fashion, if showing skin it will be in multiple parts focusing on more than one area. For example, a long dress can have a wide slit as well as a low neck.

Another difference between the two cultures is the mixing of prints. Koreans tend to use only one or two prints keeping it minimal and simple. Westerners will mix three to four prints together. They are more experimental with their style.

Both cultures are dedicated to fashion and making statements. The way the execute their ideas and individual styles vary from culture to culture. While it is true that both are sources of inspiration for the fashion world, they both attract different types of individuals. Whether you be experimental or safe, classy or dangerous both cultures are great sources for fashion inspiration.

For an in depth look at the cultural differences between the two fashion worlds, please watch the video below.

Video Courtesy of Wishtrend TV.

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