How to Plan A Successful Medical Trip to South Korea

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How to Plan A Successful Medical Trip to South Korea


Medical Tourism is a more and more common practice. These days it is easy to take a plane and travel to the opposite side of the world to treat an illness, to receive plastic surgery in another country, or simply de-stress in a beautiful foreign spa. South Korea is now a renewed destination for medical trips. Albeit the language barrier, Medical Tourism Agencies – such as Seoul Cosmetic Surgery – assist so that literally anyone can come to Korea and get their preferred treatment. However, we at SCS know that traveling for health reasons can be stressful, so we want to give you some medical trip planning tips to successfully design your trip and enjoy it.

First Step: Prepare the Necessary Documents for your Medical Trip

You should prepare all the necessary documents to enter the country and be treated there;  have a passport with more than six months of validity, book a ticket, buy travel insurance, and have a clear idea of what you want to do during your trip. Especially, you should have your Health Insurance ready, because it will be needed to enter the country for medical purposes.

Your Medical Travel Agency will help you find the right clinics, communicate with health professionals, and find a good place to stay. But did you know that they can also help you find special activities to do during your trip? Even if it is a medical trip, you should also enjoy your stay in the country!

Medical VISA

A crucial part of planning a medical trip is obtaining the right VISA. Many Countries have a VISA exemption of 90 days, but some others have an exemption of a maximum of 30. That means that you can stay in South Korea for 30 days at most, then you might need a VISA. Unless you need extensive or complicated treatments, Medical VISAs are not required; in any case, you have the option of a short term (90 days) or long term visa (one year).

In case you need the VISA, we highly suggest asking for help from your trusted Medical Tourism Agency, as some of the documents needed are Counseling and Reservation Documents from the chosen clinic, and it might be hard to get them on your own.

Second Step: Have a Consultation with the Help of A Concierge

Medical tourism agencies like Seoul Cosmetic Surgery know already what to prepare for your visa and all the paperwork that is needed: they will take care of it for you. Many of our clients tell us that the most stressful thing about their trip is the consultation process.  They wonder what will happen if the doctor cannot understand them, or cannot explain themselves. And, rightfully, how do they know if the doctor they found is the right one for them.

This is why we collaborate with the best clinics only, and why we provide interpretation services and full assistance. We will offer meticulous care, full service; we are excellent, reliable, convenient. Our main goal is for you to also enjoy your medical trip with a positive mind.

We usually search for the clinic based on your request, and then we have an interpreter accompany you to the appointment. We make sure you have everything you need post-operation as well. Not only we will drive you home and help you with the prescriptions and care needed, but we can provide phone assistance at any time.

How to tackle your Consultation Appointment Successfully

Meeting the surgeon that will perform the treatment is no joke, so we suggest you come prepared. Be sure to collect as many picture references, and be sure to clearly state what you expect from the surgery. We suggest asking questions directly, do not be scared to manifest your doubts; you will sleep stress-free.

The stress related to surgery procedures decreases a lot when you know what is going on! The doctor will be surely happy to explain, and the concierge will be there to translate for you. If you still want to find more information, we have a blog full of informative content about various topics.

Third Step: Enjoy Your Medical Trip

The secret to planning a successful medical trip is to ask your travel agent for advice about the activities and experiences that you can or you cannot do. Aside from being one of the best choices for plastic surgery, wellness, and treatments, South Korea is also a shopping hub and culturally rich.

There is plenty that you can do, whether you want to shop in Myeongdong district or visit UNESCO-recognized temples. However, to make your trip more exciting, we suggest choosing some of Soul Cosmetic Surgery curated experiences. We can offer you cafe-hopping tours, fashion illustration, and design classes, unique and personalized experiences – like making your own perfume or your own lipstick.

What makes journeys to Korea so special is that, even if it is a medical trip you are planning, we can make it special and stress-free. Send us a message to inquire in our free consultation form on top of this page, and we promise you will not be disappointed. You will return home with a much more positive outlook on your procedure and will also have many wonderful memories to share for years to come. This is an adventure and you should look up to it with enthusiasm and expectation.

Seoul Cosmetic Surgery “Medical Trip” Planning Checklist:

  • Have valid Health Insurance & Passport.
  • Check if you need a Medical Visa.
  • Try to prepare lists of ideas and reference pictures for your consultation appointment.
  • Check the paperwork with SCS Medical Tourism Agency.
  • It’s a good idea to write down a list of places you want to visit.
  • There are many sites to take inspiration from and make a list of the activities you want to do in the country.
  • You should check the safety measure you have to follow.


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