The Matte Makeup Products You Need to Know About

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The Matte Makeup Products You Need to Know About

Ever since Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit was sold on the market, I have noticed every major makeup brand sell matte lipsticks now as well. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not crediting Kylie Jenner with the creation of matte lips. It was just when I first noticing them. It seems like everywhere I look now, more and more brands are pushing out matte makeup products. To be honest, I don’t hate it. I actually am very into it. Especially, all the new matte lipsticks that is coming out now. The only thing with matte lipsticks are that they tend to get dry and become flaky faster. Fortunately for us, Renee Jacques, wrote an article on some matte lipsticks she has found that will stay moist in:

The Matte Lipsticks That Are Still Creamy

About the lipsticks:

The Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk is a collection of six lipsticks that offer both matte and glossy formulas. There’s three straight matte lipsticks: RD311 (a deep rose), RD312 (an orangey-red), and BE109 (a dusty peach). And then there’s the Chiffon collection, which has a more glossy look, with OR211 (a light orange), RD027 (a subdued hot pink), and RD306 (a red wine).

About the formulas:

I’m going to focus on the formula of the Chiffon collection because these were the collective favorite among the testers here at The Klog (the formula for the matte lipsticks is similar to your typical matte lipstick, with kaolin to help it stay longer on your lips and dimenthicone, the ingredient that makes it look dry).

For the Chiffon lipsticks, Etude House has included a bunch of hydrating ingredients—including candelillia wax and carnuba wax—so that they really glide across your lips and feel extra soft. But that’s not to say that these lipsticks are so glossy that they don’t show up when you put them on. Once they dry, they actually look and feel matte, but in a much softer version than all those liquid lipsticks you see on Instagram. So you get the feeling of a creamy lipstick but with the toned-down look and the lasting power of a matte lipstick.

Keep reading here to find out what it is like to wear them…

We have heard matte lipsticks. Even matte liquid lipsticks. But has anyone heard about other matte makeup like matte lip powders? Check out the following article to see this awesome new product in:

I Tried Korean Lip Powders—The Matte Lipsticks That Double as a Blush

You may have heard of these lip powders. They’re nothing like face powder; lip powders are another type of lip color that delivers a super light-feeling matte pigment. It’s almost as if you’re using a loose pigment powder on your lips but these are infused with moisturizing ingredients so they melt into a liquid when spread on your lips and feel slightly conditioning and not at all powdery.

They’re pretty simple to use and cool to watch. I have two lip powders that I really like for different reasons. There’s CLE’s Melting Lip Powder and Touch In Sol’s Chroma Lip Powder.

CLE’s Melting Lip Powder was the first on the scene that I’d heard of. CLE is an American beauty brand that deals in minimalist K-beauty-inspired pared down products. The fat tube has a long doe-foot applicator, making it easier to apply onto your lips or wherever.

Read more…

Like I said before, matte is like the new black. It is everywhere. Missha is even pushing out a sunscreen that will keep you looking matte all day long. Read more about this product in:

The Sunscreen That Will Keep You Matte All Day

If you have oily skin, sunscreen can be an acne-filled nightmare. Find out how the Missha All Around Safe Block Sebum Zero Sun can keep you matte all day without breaking you out.

My combination skin is hard to deal with, and it certainly goes through an identity crisis every season. Since spring has arrived in New York City, I’ve recently begun experimenting with products to combat the end-of-the-day shine on my T-zone.

But while I’ve come across many mattifying products, I’m consistently disappointed in one department: sunscreens. No matter how much a sunscreen claims to be “non-greasy” and “absorb easily,” I’m always left feeling like there is a thin film of grease sitting on top of my skin. It muddles the effect of skincare products I’ve carefully layered underneath, not to mention the unpleasant sunscreen smell, and the way it sometimes flakes along my hairline.

So when I came across Missha All Around Safe Block Sebum Zero Sun—which claims to be for oily skin—I didn’t expect it to actually mattify my T-zone and keep the oil production at bay. The only thing I can believe, I thought, is the number on the label: SPF 50+. Turns out, it’s the most evolved sunscreen out there for oily skin.

Get more details about the product here…

I am about to order some of these matte makeup products right now! Who doesn’t want a sunscreen that will not make their whole face looking oily and shinning? Unlike other trends, I think matte will be sticking around a bit longer.


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