Aegyo Sal | The Cheery Fat

A young Asian woman showcasing aegyo sal against a pink background.

Aegyo Sal | The Cheery Fat

What is aegyo sal?

Notably, the aegyo sal is very popular among Korean stars and idols. Even everyday Koreans aspire to have them. However, many Westerners may not know what they are or why Koreans want to have them. Specifically, the aegyo sal is the pocket of fat found directly under the eye. And in Korean this can be translated as “charming fat.” Because many Koreans think that having a little pocket of fat under your eyes makes you appear younger and more cheerful.  Because, many people have aegyo sal when they are smiling. So having them appear at all times gives your face a more kind and innocent appearance. 

Aegyo sal vs Eye bags

Asian woman with head on arms looking at camera with aegyo sal

However, one misconception is that aegyo sal and eye bags are the same. Indeed, this is not true. Namely, eye bags are:


-Darker and saggier

-Take up the area further below your eyes

Instead, aegyo sal are characterized by being:

-Located directly under the eye, by the water line

-Smaller and puffier

-As bright or brighter than your normal skin

Rather than age you, they help you look years younger than you are. As well as have you appear bright and cheery. Instead of tired and glum. 

How to achieve it

Indeed, there are numerous ways to have aegyo sal. And they range from simple makeup tips to permanent cosmetic surgery. So you can choose whether you want them permanently or just every once in awhile! 

Asian woman looking over her shoulder at the camera with aegyo sal


To start with, makeup is the quickest and least invasive way to achieve this cheery fat. In fact, all it takes is some contouring and highlighting. First, you need to look in the mirror and smile really big. So that you can see where your aegyo sal appears naturally. Then you want to contour a slight shadow right under where your skin puffs out. Next, you simply want to highlight the top of the aegyo sal so that it looks nice and puffy! Finally, make sure to blend everything out so it looks natural and not harsh. 

Additionally, there are many Korean beauty brands that sell products specifically to help you create aegyo sal. For example, Etude House’s Dear Girls Cute Eye Maker helps you achieve them quickly and easily! What’s more is the product has two ends — one for contouring and one for highlighting. So you have everything you need in one stick!


However, if you’re looking for a more permanent solution, then there are numerous surgeries for aegyo sal. Notably, fillers and fat grafts are the most popular means of achieving it permanently. In particular, fillers simply fill out the area beneath your eye. While fat grafts transfer fat from other parts of your body to beneath your eyes. And the results of these surgeries are natural to help you look younger and brighter. 

Moreover, Korean doctors are unrivaled in their surgery skills. So they take time to ensure scarring is minimal to none. As well as provide you with the best results possible. In fact, Korean doctors are so practiced in eye surgeries that they are experts in what they do. So there’s no need to worry if you’re considering these cosmetic procedures! 

How SCS can help

What’s more is Korean skincare and beauty often focuses on appearing younger and brighter. So many Koreans spend time on skincare and makeup to find the best techniques to appear young and fresh. And  this is just one of those techniques. If you want to learn more about Kbeauty or any other aspect of Korea, then our customized tours and procedures may be for you! Also, at SCS we offer a variety of anti aging and skin procedures. As well as eye procedures to suit your every need. Additionally, your personalized tour could be catered to your interest in beauty. Thus allowing you to see the best places to shop and what brands to buy! If you’re interested in coming to Korea for treatments and a customized tour click here to contact us today! 

Asian woman standing in white dress smiling with aegyo sal

Indeed, many people in the West are just now learning about aegyo sal. And how their presence on the face can help you look younger and cheery. However, it can be hard to find products or treatments in the West. And for those who can’t speak Korean, it can be hard to find products or doctors to help you. That’s why at SCS we want to help you get what you want, no matter the language barrier! Indeed, here at SCS we strive to connect you with the best doctors for your needs. As well, every person’s face is different and we want to ensure you get natural results that look good too. So we help with translations! And connect you with the best doctors in Korea to help you get natural and puffy aegyo sal for your face.

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