Cryotherapy benefits for weight loss

Two women experiencing cryotherapy treatment in front of a steam room.

Cryotherapy benefits for weight loss

In South Korea, both surgical and non-surgical methods of body contouring are available. In recent years, new non-invasive body sculpting treatments have been trending in Korea: cryotherapy and cool sculpting. Both use extremely low temperatures to reduce stubborn fat on the body and promise to help reduce the amount of fat without any surgical intervention. In this blog post, we will focus on cryotherapy and will give you some info about cryotherapy benefits for weight loss.


What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is a treatment where your healthcare provider applies extreme cold to freeze and destroy abnormal tissue on your body. Since cells can’t survive this severe cold, they die after the treatment. However, when it comes to cryotherapy for weight loss, things are a little bit different.

Body Cryotherapy is a cold treatment, where your body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for a certain amount of time. To be more specific, you will be exposed to subzero temperatures (from 110°C to 130°C), in a sort of dry sauna, for no more than three minutes. Recently, scientists have studied more and more the benefit of cold on fat loss and body cryotherapy benefits on patients.

How does cryotherapy for weight loss work?

A session of body cryotherapy helps to reduce fat by speeding up your metabolism. During the treatment, the body is forced to consume stored fat to produce warmth to counteract the cold. This process, called “cold-induced thermogenesis”, gives results in the long run, after several treatments. Nonetheless, the effects are long-lasting, especially if combined with a good diet.

While this is surely not enough to lose a lot of weight, it naturally enhances blood circulation and helps the body burn calories due to cold temperatures. Some clinics claim the body can burn up to 800 calories in three minutes due to the increased speed in metabolic rate.

Localized cryotherapy session to the neck of young woman. Ice cold nitrogen vapors applied to the neck and shoulders.

What’s the Difference Between Cool Sculpting and Cryotherapy?

This procedure might not be as effective as cool sculpting. Cool sculpting targets the treatment area just like laser lipolysis would do, but with subzero temperatures. Hence, it works towards freezing fat under the skin layers. On the other hand, body cryotherapy exposes the body to cold temperatures to speed the metabolism and increase calorie burning.

Cool sculpting is indeed more expensive, but it increases the rate of fat reduction to 25%. We suggest you ask during our consultation which treatment might be better for you.

Cryotherapy Benefits and Side Effects

Aside from helping with weight loss, cold therapy is good for muscle pain. These brief cold showers are famous for being energizing and helping the body release tension and fatigue. Some studies confirm that it is very helpful to treat muscle inflammation. One of the most unusual cryotherapy benefits is the improvement of sleep; people who went through at least three sessions experienced an overall better sleep.

Since body cryotherapy is a non-invasive procedure, there are no side effects. After the treatment, you could experience a bit of stiffness and skin sensitivity, but that is all.

What to prepare before the treatment?

Most people don’t need to do anything special to prepare for cryotherapy. Your doctor will suggest avoiding smoking and having to fast before the operation.  Nonetheless, people who suffer from hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, or take thyroid medication should consult with their family doctor before treatment.

Non-invasive surgeries are extremely popular among people who do not want downtime from work or all the fuss due to recovery. However, sometimes non-invasive body sculpting therapies might not work the way you expect. We still suggest looking up other options, such as the classic liposculpture.

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