Discover Vegan Korean Brands: Our Best Picks for 2021

A vegan Korean brand showcasing a shadowy hand holding an essential oil bottle and flowers.

Discover Vegan Korean Brands: Our Best Picks for 2021

As the beauty community started to get interested in clean and green brands, the Korean market of cruelty-free and vegan products grew. Many indie brands became huge in Korea and outside the country, paving the way for other natural brands to follow.  Nowadays, in Korea, there is more attention to certified vegan brands, natural ingredients, and animal-derived ingredients. As the title suggests, we will focus on brands that are totally vegan or have vegan lines.

Which Korean brand is vegan and which is not? What does “vegan” mean?

To quote, “A product is defined as vegan if it contains no ingredient of animal origins such as milk or honey. However, a vegan product is not necessarily also natural or organic.”

Simply put vegan skincare has no animal ingredient. Natural skincare is plant-based. Instead, organic skincare is referred to as the absence of artificial additives. To be identified as “vegan”, a Korean brand has to have a vegan certification, called KVCS.

Aromatica, a Vegan Korean brand inspired by Tradition

vegan aromatica

Aromatica sells luxurious natural and vegan products at affordable prices. As the name suggests, this vegan brand was inspired by aromatherapy used in the traditional apothecary. Because of this, common ingredients found in their products are plant-based, without any animal-derived ingredients.

Albeit their skincare is amazing, we suggest you try their hair care products first. Very few brands have vegan haircare lines, but Aromatica does. Actually, it has a shampoo for any scalp skin type you can think of. The most famous is the Biotin B5 thickening shampoo and The Rosemary Scalp Care shampoo.

I’m From…and its Best Seller Vegan Line

vegan korean brands i'mfrom

I’m from offers organic skincare products for every type of skin concern. Especially if you are in your late twenties -early thirties, this brand has a huge selection of products for you. I’m From is famous for using natural ingredients, however not all its products are vegan.

In fact, their honey mask is extremely famous. However, they also have a fantastic vegan Mugwort-based line. Out of all the vegan Korean brands, they started the hype for mugwort ingredients. We suggest trying their Mugwort Essence, which is a must for fungal acne treatment.

Whamisa: old but gold, a veteran vegan brand

vegan korean brands whamisa

With their motto “Beauty from Fermentation”, Whamisa is the classic cruelty-free and vegan brand that pays attention to every single detail. Starting from the packaging, Whamisa uses recycled paper and vegan ink.

As one of the oldest vegan Korean brands on the market, Whamisa is famous for starting the fermented ingredients trend. The product we suggest trying is their Organic flower toner. it is still one of their best-sellers and recently got a renewal.

 ByWishtrend is “Simple, but effective”

vegan korean skincare bywishtrend

Science meets Aesthetic and marries Skincare. By Wishtrend is Colorful, young, and cruelty-free. Not only that, but many of their products are vegan. As the motto says, ByWishtrend contains simple ingredients, no harmful chemicals and it is effective in its simplicity.

Especially, their Vitamin C serum is a must-have for troubled skins and mature skins looking for a good chemical peeling. We suggest trying it for yourself if you do not believe us! However, always start with very low doses before you commit to the 21.5% version.

Out of the Vegan Korean Brands, we know Klairs is perfect for Sensitive Skins

vegan korean skincare dearklairs

Out of all the vegan Korean brands on the market, Klairs is the best for sensitive skins. They do not test on animals and, except for very few products, they are vegan. People love their midnight blue calming cream, and the whole Calming Blue Line! The Azulene – a calming ingredient – gives the cream its special blue color.

It is very hard to only suggest one product of Klairs because their Suplle Line too is amazing. Rich in Hyaluronic acid, the supple line is perfect for dehydrated sensitive skins. Because of its affordable price, it became a favorite in the kbeauty community.

If you are a true kbeauty fan, you cannot miss the chance to try some of these products. It is good for your skin and it is good for the environment. Try one of these vegan Korean brands and save the planet!

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