Finding Your Best Self: Image Consulting Services in Seoul

Image consulting services

Finding Your Best Self: Image Consulting Services in Seoul

Have you ever thought about improving your image but don’t know how? Well, the solution is just around the corner. Image consulting services are key to improving physical and mental presence. They bring newfound confidence and a sophisticated look that can elevate one’s lifestyle to the fullest.

Image consulting services in South Korea are quite common and quality certified. SUIT MAKE is a great example of that. It is a Korean based men’s lifestyle brand that provides excellent image consulting services. Continue to read and discover how and why you can benefit from image consulting services in Korea!

What is Image Consulting?

image consulting services

Image consulting is a professional field that specializes in improving self-image. Image consultants are experts in both fashion, marketing, and serve clients of all ages and backgrounds. This means the typical clients of image consulting services range from average individuals, company executives to even politicians! In this matter, image consulting is an extensive service that can reach personal and professional settings.

The main goal of image consulting is to refine one’s appearance and soft skills ( related to social skills like how to approach others, etc). The job of the image consultant is to mentor and education each client into finding their finest wardrobe fit and best behavior/communication abilities. This very personalized experience aims to provide the best results according to each client’s needs and goals. However, both open-mindedness and trust in professionals are crucial to achieving positive outcomes.

Image Consulting Services in Seoul

suit make

SUIT MAKE is one of the best image consulting services in South Korea. Founded in 2017 by Jen Auh, SUIT MAKE is a male-focus image consulting service with the purpose to groom men into the best version of themselves.

What makes SUIT MAKE a pioneer in the image consultant field is how it adds value to the customer. Most image consulting services only provide the tools and tips for a better wardrobe. This leaves the customer with most of the work, especially when it comes to finding a good tailor. However, SUIT MAKE is an all-stop service.

As the founder has been working in the fashion and beauty industry for over 20 years, SUIT MAKE provides unique tailoring transformations to each client. This unique experience allows the customer to achieve their best self with an in-house tailored wardrobe and insightful lifestyle tips.

Altogether, this differentiates SUIT MAKE from competitors. Since not only it focuses on providing a better outer appearance to clients but also on a new source of confidence and soft skills that guide customers into achieving their dreams and aspirations.

Seoul Cosmetic Surgery Partnership


In order to provide you the best plastic surgery experience in South Korea, Seoul Cosmetic Surgery is partnering up with SUIT MAKE. The goal is to provide you with useful insights to find your best self. Jen Auh, the founder of SUIT MAKE, will match your new appearance with the style and wardrobe that best suits your features. The expected results are confidence overload and helpful tips that will guide you into achieving success.

To learn more about SUIT MAKE and SCS partnership, make sure to check the interview with Jen Auh below.

Final Thoughts

All in all, image consulting services are helpful. They can help you achieve a better image from the inside and out. Plus, aid you in both professional and lifestyle opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about these services, make sure to visit SUIT MAKE’s website to find out more about it!

Furthermore, if you are interested in engaging in plastic surgery take a look at Seoul Cosmetic Surgery’s services. We provide various types of packages to suit the procedures you wish to undergo.

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