Is Face Contour Surgery for you?

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Is Face Contour Surgery for you?

Have you ever been told you have a “baby face”? The main element of having a babyface is the face shape. Baby faces are known for having a small and slim face shape, and it is becoming an increasingly popular trend to obtain this shape. Some of us have disproportionate or asymmetrical faces, which can definitely affect our self confidence. It can be difficult trying to figure out how to get this shape, and that is where face contour surgery comes. Keep reading this post to find out what face contour surgery in Korea is and if it right for you! 

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What is Face Contour Surgery 

Face contour surgery involves changing the shape of the face and corrects it through sculpting the face. The surgeons go over the face and outline it. They identify all the locations of the nerves in the face, the muscle tissue, and the patient’s bone structure. Then they outline which changes need to be made on the patient’s face in order to sculpt the face proportionally. There are two common surgeries that are done in this process: 


  • square jaw reduction surgery
  • cheekbone reduction surgery


Square Jaw Reduction Surgery 

Now in this cosmetic procedure, surgeons shave and trim the patient’s jawbones and their angled or square chin which results in a smooth and slim jawline. This surgery is quite risky, the trimming of the jawbone is done with an incision through the mouth, and is incredibly important for the doctors to be careful in order to avoid nerve damage.  


This is why this procedure is recommended for patients who really need it. The surgeons start trimming from right under the ears in order to outline the slimming of the face. The chin can be altered as well if it is square to create a more contoured and shapely face. 


Cheekbone Reduction Surgery 


Just like jaw reduction surgery, cheekbone surgery has surgeons creating an incision in the mouth. The doctors make sure the trim the wide protruding cheekbones evenly, which simultaneously reduces both sides of the cheekbones. This not only results in slimmer cheekbones but also gives the patient a more youthful appearance, which is a great anti aging effect.  


For more a more face contour surgery effect, surgeons will remove buccal fat and subcutaneous from the skin. This is a large layer of fat that is deeply in the skin, stored under the muscles. Whereas subcutaneous fat is the direct layer of fat under the skin.  


With both of these types of fat contributing to the chubbiness of your face, the surgeons can remove them to give you a more sculpted and contoured appearance. The results are often more than satisfactory with the fat removal!  


Why Get Face Contour Done In Korea  

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Just like in cosmetic surgery, there are always risks. Nerve damage is one of the main risks with face contour surgery and can have detrimental effects if not done carefully. This is why it is extremely important you are going to the best surgeons who are cautious and careful when performing surgery. 


With Korean cosmetic surgeries, you will find not only the most top rated surgeons but also surgeons who have been performing this surgery more than any others! This surgery has become increasingly popular in Korea, and the doctors are continuing to find new and more improved ways of performing the surgery.  


With their use of innovative technology for procedures all at a great price, South Korea has become the booming plastic surgery of the world. 


Going to Korea has also become increasingly popular because people are getting their desired results all at a reasonable price. Many people continue to go overseas to South Korea for their cosmetic surgery is their use of medical tourism.  


With Seoul Cosmetic Surgery patients receive services including booking of flights, escort to the clinic, city touring, and more. Therefore, it is our priority that our customers always have a positive experience.  


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How Seoul Cosmetic Surgery Can Help 


Here at Seoul Cosmetic surgery we understand and respect the importance of the patient’s surgery. We always strive and focus on connecting our clients with the best medical clinics in Seoul at their needed budget.  It is also why many patients and board certified doctors continue to trust and advocate for our agency.  Our doctors and surgeons are constantly practicing new and creative treatments for hair, skin, and more.  


Whatever your cosmetic and beauty goals are, Seoul Cosmetic Surgery can help you with the process and fulfill your goals. Get in touch with us today

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