3 Advantages Korean Cosmetic Surgery Has Over the U.S.

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3 Advantages Korean Cosmetic Surgery Has Over the U.S.


Korean cosmetic Surgery and U.S. based, while having different specialties, both offer the same services. Where liposuction, breast augmentation, and lip fillers are popular at one end of the world. There is double eyelid surgery, chin reshaping, and nose surgery on the other.  The question is how are Korea’s benefits better than the U.S. In this article, we’ll show you how the benefits of getting Korean plastic surgery, outweigh the benefits of getting procedures done in the U.S. 


South Korea Vs. USA 


South Korea, particularly Seoul is known as the plastic surgery capital of the world. The country is booming with the plastic surgery business over recent years. By using their new enhanced technology, budget friendliness, and tourism benefits all have contributed to their worldwide ranking. 


As for the culture around plastic surgery, the types of surgeries done in each country are a representation of each other’s society. In both countries, people get surgery on the likes of following their favorite celebrities and new beauty standards. For instance in America, when women see Kim Kardashian with enhanced features and trimmed waistline, many want the same. When South Korean women see their favorite Idols or actresses having ethereal features, they’re ready to get that same look. 

But when it comes to the value of surgery, that is where the countries differ. Where in the U.S. plastic surgery is often criticized and judged, cosmetic surgery is positive in South Korea. It is known to increase confidence and self-esteem, to feel and help become one’s best version of themselves.  

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1. Technology Advancements


The advances in technology that have taken place have had a huge impact on today’s world, including the plastic surgery industry. This industry and the use of new technology are contributing factors to why South Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world. With Korean cosmetic surgery, the rapid change in technology has given doctors the chance to progress the way they do procedures.

One example is the Gangnam style surgery, located in Gangnam, which uses game-changing stem-cell treatments. What this does is improve the look of the skin. Another is the machine that can treat the skin without the need for cutting into the skin.   

Founder of the Gangnam clinic Kim Byung-gun believes that competition in Korea is the reason behind their success. ‘”Korean cosmetic surgeons have to compete fiercely to survive and prosper here. That enables us to build competitive skills and experience in surgery and treatments.” 


The most common plastic surgeries done in Seoul are double eyelid, jaw reduction, and chin reshaping. But with the addition of the newly developed technology, the rise of minimal and non-invasive surgeries has begun over the past few years. 

Having easier access to these surgeries, more women are getting these procedures. Which include botox, fillers, and lifting. With medical improvements in these specific surgeries, this also means there are fewer side effects and it is cheaper. These cosmetic surgeries are already high in demand in the U.S., but the difference between the two countries is the price.  


2. Pricing in Cosmetic Surgery 


Using new technology in their medical procedures, Korean cosmetic surgery has become a worldwide sensation. One of the main reasons is because the cost of the procedures and services together is still more affordable than the United States. 

One of the factors in pricing is the advances in technology, and the other is the involvement of medical tourism. With a medical tourism agency, you can save money from the procedure and the overall trip. 

For example, nose reconstruction surgery averages around $7,000. But using a medical tourism agency, the procedure price, flight, and transportation cost, as well as clinic visits and more, are all included. This leads to savings averaging around $3,000. Besides pricing, there are even more benefits to using a medical tourism agency.


3. Medical Tourism 


Instead of going straight to any cosmetic clinic, as often done in the United States, South Korea offers clients more. Where the client has an opportunity of a surgical procedure, and a huge amount of savings, as well as better access to the best cosmetic clinics, among other services.   

Now, traveling for plastic surgery can be a bit scary. From being in a new country alone, with a language barrier, and trying to find a trusting clinic. Also, hoping that the surgery will not change any ethnic or racial features that you have.

Medical tourism gives clients reliable sources and protection from unregistered and illegal clinics. The agency is involved in part of every step of the process. We gather the client’s information and connect them with the best qualified cosmetic surgeon. We then help with online follow up appointments.  

Using Seoul Cosmetic Surgery, patients receive services including booking of the flights, escort to the clinic, city touring, and more. Our agency assures patients with safety and professionalism. We partner with reputable doctors and certified clinics so our customers always have a positive experience.  

For someone traveling outside of the country, Seoul cosmetic surgery aims to not change but enhance one’s features. By instilling more confidence and still keeping the unique characteristics one has. 

This is one of the main reasons why Seoul is the plastic surgery capital of the world. The doctors understand the importance of keeping one’s unique value while enhancing other features. It is why many people from around the world continue to go to South Korea for their surgical procedures.     

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How Seoul Cosmetic Surgery Can Help 

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Understanding the impacts and reasons behind cosmetic surgery is why many patients and top quality surgeons trust our medical tourism agency. It is the reason we always aim to connect the best medical clinics and practices in Seoul with our clients. Our doctors and surgeons are constantly practicing new and creative treatments for hair, skin, and more. 


Whatever your cosmetic and beauty goals are, Seoul Cosmetic Surgery can help you with the process and fulfill your goals. Get in touch with us today.

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