What is the Korean Plastic Surgery Trend in 2020

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What is the Korean Plastic Surgery Trend in 2020

South Korea is an Asian superpower in the beauty industry. “Trendy, advanced and innovative”. When talking about Korean cosmetic products or Korean plastic surgery, those three words would firstly come to your mind. So, this is why recently Korean cosmetic products are grabbing more world market share. This is also why more foreigners come to South Korea to undergo plastic surgeries. The number surged to 50,000 in 2018, and the amount of money spent by foreigners on doing plastics surgery rose up to $189 million, almost 4 times more than that of 2012.

South Korea

In this hub of plastic surgery, the direction of trend always changes. This is the consequence of a highly competitive market, which requires continuous innovation, both in technology and surgical methods. If you are interested in Korean plastic surgery, or you are planing to get your surgery done in South Korea, you’d better understand “what is the 2020 trend of Korean plastic surgery?” and “what surgical method or technology ranks as the most popular and outstanding?”.  As trends will lead you to the most advanced and innovative techniques, as well as most professional and experienced doctors.

Procedures on Trend

1. Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is  always on the most-popular-procedure list. It differentiates Korean methods and methods from the rest of the world. What makes Korean eyelid surgery so popular and unique? Firstly, Korean method is more about “design”. It puts emphasis on designing the most beautiful eyes that suit your face. Harmony is the keyword. Moreover, Korean methods are labeled “less painful”, “fast recovery”, and “natural looking”. The operation only takes 30mins to 1h. They removed the stitch 7 days after the surgery. Normally double-eyelid surgery is performed along with canthoplasty or ptosis correction based on different types of eyes.


2. Rhinoplasty

Commonly known as nose job. Moreover, it is the second most coveted procedure ranked right after eyelid surgery. What Korean rhinoplasty surgeons are excellent at is they can design the most suitable nose for your ethnic nature and aesthetic sense. Indeed, foreigners who get their nose job done in South Korea have no need to worry about the gap between Western and Korean aesthetic sense. Doctors are very willing to listen and cater to customers’ needs in order to produce the best result.


3. Face contouring

face contouring from korean plastic surgery

You can call it “the highlight of Korean plastic surgery”. Korean surgeons have applied the methods of reshaping or restructuring facial bones for cosmetic purposes for years. In Korea, face contouring is not only limited in V-line surgery. It can be cheek bone reduction, V-line, and jaw correction performed at the same time to build a smooth facial outline. Face contouring might be the most complicated and high-risk procedure. Cutting as much bones as possible does not mean achieving the best result.  The point is cutting the correct part of bone based on every patient’s condition. 3D scan technology that most Korean plastic surgery clinics are equipped with helps doctors check the structure and thickness of bone precisely. Thus they will present the safest surgical method, avoiding blood vessels and nerves.



Emerging K-Methods


1. Minimally invasive methods

The demand for fast surgery and fast recovery yields this kind of methods. Especially for people who contribute most time to work, returning back to work as soon as possible after the surgery is crucial. Minimally invasive methods would be the best choice for people who require “speed”, as well for those who are afraid of pain and side effects.


Experts indicate that recently non-invasive procedures like filler, Botox, and lifting have gained more popularity among young beauty chaser aged from 20s to 30s. Simpler, faster, and cheaper, this is extraordinarily attractive.




Minimally invasive anti-aging treatments

You might have heard about thread lifting and Acculift, two typical minimally invasive anti-aging treatments. To clarify, as the name tells, thread facelift is a technique that tightens the skin through inserting self-dissolving threads. While Acculift applies laser to evacuate facial fat.  Compared to traditional facelifting methods, they are less invasive, causing less pain. Besides these, Korean clinics are performing new anti-aging treatments like air ulthermage, elasticum, etc.


2. Stem-cell therapy

South Korea has been extending stem-cell therapy into the plastic surgery field. Indeed, having the ability to evolve into specialised cells, stem cell is the perfect substitute for damaged cells or tissues.


Stem-cell therapy as anti-aging treatment

Steam cell therapy for korean plastic surgery

Stem cells’ organic nature is a gift for people who need treatment to bring their youthful skin back. For example, injecting stem cell into the face region helps your skin regenerate and regain elasticity. In Korea, if you find an accredited clinic with professional surgeons, you would have chance to enjoy this kind of new procedure. Learn how to find a qualified plastic surgery clinic in South Korea.


Stem cells with fat graft 


One plus one is more than two. Undergoing fat graft with stem cells injection would produce a more natural and long-lasting effect. This is because stem cells increase the rate of fat absorption and reduce the risk of infection. Especially nowadays Korean clinics are actively applying stem cells in breast augmentation. It prominently settles the common problem of fat transfer for breast, prolonging the effect and preventing infection. Learn more about stem cells.


Beauty Chasers, If You Want to Know More

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