Non-Surgical Nose Jobs: Non Invasive Surgeries

non-surgical nose jobs

Non-Surgical Nose Jobs: Non Invasive Surgeries

As popular as plastic surgery is, the rise in non-invasive surgeries are beginning to rise. From non-surgical nose jobs to ultherapy to thermage, all of these are incredible non-incisional surgeries. You get the best results and effects, and don’t even need the cut! Keep reading to learn about these surgeries, and which one is right for you!  

non-surgical nose jobs

What are non-invasive surgeries 

Non-invasive procedures are surgeries that are non-incisional, so it gives you the option of no cutting. Depending on the procedure, the facial plastic surgeons even use safely approved lasers. What the lasers do is melt the fat tissue in the skin. This increases collagen production in the skin. 


Another way is through injectable fillers, which are much less invasive than cutting into the skin. The injections, depending on the surgery, is usually filled with hyaluronic acid gels, and can be temporary or permanent! With these types of surgeries, you still get the best results, without the cutting or higher number of side effects.  


For anti-aging non-invasive surgeries, they will give you a beautiful natural facelift while improving the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Whether you want to slim down your nose with a non-surgical nose job or get a “semi facelift”, without the fear of scarring, these surgeries are the way to go!  


Non-Surgical Nose Jobs 

Now when people think of nose jobs, we often think of rhinoplasties. Traditional rhinoplasty was the only option to get the nose you want. But now, non-surgical nose jobs are becoming more popular. Through using injectable fillers, many people are using this option to obtain a slim smooth nose. 

By injecting hyaluronic fillers into the nose, they are simply changing the appearance of the nose instead of the nose itself. Expert surgeons make sure to pay attention to close detail, so they can fill in any curves or bumps on the nose, evening it out. 


Depending on where you go and what you want, you can get either a permanent or temporary filler. The temporary filler can last between three months and two years, depending on how fast the filler will dissolve into the skin. From lifting the tip of the nose to fixing its crooked appearance, the non-surgical nose job is often considered a great pain free procedure, that can be done in a timely manner as well!  



v lift

Ultherapy is a great anti-aging surgery that helps treats the sagging of the skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. It is totally non-invasive and can lift our saggy skin on our cheeks and our double chins. This gives us a more defined jawline and youthful glow. 

This facial plastic surgery results actually relies on the body itself for regenerating collagen production in the skin. It is an incredibly simple procedure, with few side effects, and will provide fantastic results. 


Read more about Ultherapy here



Thermage is a great alternative procedure to facial lifts or fillers. It addresses the signs of anti-aging, from wrinkles to fine lines to loose skin, and it gives amazing results. This is becoming a very popular skin tightening treatment because of its unique method. Thermage has results that can improve over time and last years while being a fairly short procedure, only 30-90 minutes depending on the treatment area.  


Similar to ultherapy, thermage relies on the reproduction of our collagen. So surgeons use lasers to heat the deeper collagen layers of the skin. The heat will promote the growth of new collagen and is why the non-invasive procedure gives results that improve continuously. Thermage will give you that anti-aging, and youthful look back in the skin! 


Why get Non-Invasive Surgeries in South Korea 


When it comes to any surgery, you want the best of the best. Although non-invasive surgeries don’t include cutting, that does not make them any less risky than incisional surgeries. This is why you should have a surgeon who is not only board-certified but is incredibly skilled and careful in this area. 


Korean surgeons are not only the best surgeons to perform these surgeries, but have been performing them longer than others! These surgeries are becoming increasingly popular in South Korea, and it is because of the results people are getting. Non-surgical nose jobs definitely have serious risks as does any nose job.  


You can overrun your skin’s blood supply in that area, causing it to then be cut off. Where high trained Korean surgeons are constantly finding new and innovative ways to better their surgical methods and practices. In fact, more people are going overseas to South Korea every year, which is why it is considered the plastic surgery capital of the world. 


Medical Tourism 

But it is not just because of the expert doctors and surgeons, but the quality and service you receive. If you are planning a visit to South Korea for a surgical procedure, medical tourism in South Korea makes the whole process a breeze. They partner with the best and safest medical clinics to match the patient’s surgical desires and required budget.  


It can definitely be scary to travel overseas by yourself and to a country you’ve never been to. But medical tourism provides their patients with the utmost safety and professionalism, so they can have not just a surgery with great results, but also an incredible and memorable trip. 


 With Seoul Cosmetic Surgery patients receive services including booking of flights, escort to the clinic, city touring, and more. Therefore, it is our priority that our customers always have a positive experience. 


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Final Thoughts 


At Seoul Cosmetic Surgery, we always make sure to understand and focus on our client’s surgical needs, at their required budget. This is why we make sure to always partner up with board-certified doctors and clinics, and is why many patients continue to trust our agency and recommend it. Our doctors and surgeons are constantly practicing new and creative treatments for hair, skin, and more.  


Whatever your cosmetic and beauty goals are, Seoul Cosmetic Surgery can help you with the process and fulfill your goals. Get in touch with us today


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