Skin Treatments in Seoul

Skin Treatments

Pamper your skin with one of our various skin treatments! At SCS we connect you with the most professional and innovative clinics in Seoul. Therefore you get the best quality care and treatment. Seoul is a hub for skincare and skin treatments, meaning that the dermatologists here are experts at what they do. So rest easy knowing your skin is in safe and experienced hands!

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a popular procedure in Korea that can make your face appear fuller. First, doctors extract fat from your butt, thighs, or stomach. Then, they transfer that fat to other parts of your body. In fact, this procedure has no major risks. So book your free consultation with our medical travel experts today!

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Korean doctors have unrivaled experience with fillers. And the fillers they use are crafted from both natural and artificial substances, e.g. hyaluronic acid and PMMA. They can last 6 ~ 24 months. Some semi-permanent ones can last 7 ~ 10 years. Book a consultation today and start on your next filler treatment!

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Laser Treatment

In addition to fillers, we have laser treatment options to smooth your skin, treat acne scars, or deal with pores. Furthermore, the various wavelengths can treat different types of skin conditions. So get in contact with some of Seoul’s most reputable dermatologists and book today!
Despite being one of the safest method, if laser treatment scares you, here is an alternative procedure we can offer to fight acne scars: dermashine.

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Semi-Permanent Cosmetic Makeup

Another procedure gaining popularity in Korea is semi-permanent cosmetic makeup. Dermatologists do this by inserting pigments into the skin. Thus giving it the appearance of having make-up on already. Indeed this procedures allows skin to appear healthier, cover up flaws, or make it seem naturally “without makeup” afterwards. Book a consultation with us today and ask us all about this treatment!

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Finally, what cosmetic clinic wouldn’t offer botox? Clearly botox is a tried and true practice and doctors in Seoul are experts at it. Doctors carefully inject botox and paralyze the muscles to straighten out wrinkles.

Doctors here also utilize skin botox  aka dermotoxin or mesobotox to improve fine wrinkles, increase elasticity and provide “glass skin”



So give us a call or email us today about getting botox!

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