Staying Safe in Korea during COVID


Staying Safe in Korea during COVID

Post-CovidTraveling soon and want to know how to stay safe in Korea during COVID? In this post, you’ll learn about some of the rules and precautions establishments have put into place to ensure everyone’s safety in Korea during COVID.

We all weren’t expecting the impact that COVID 19 would have on our lives. And although it’s a new year the remnants of the pandemic still linger. However, some things are starting to regain some normalcy and we can resume doing things we had to put on hold. With that being said, traveling has also started to pick up again. With new protocols and safety measures to prevent the spread of the  Coronavirus. But it’s not just airlines and airports that have begun having stricter guidelines, but different countries have also created a new set of regulations for citizens and travelers alike to follow to ensure everyone is safe.

Masks Saftey

Wearing masks in Korea isn’t really something new. Due to the fluctuating air pollution levels, many people are used to wearing masks often. Now that the circumstances are a bit different masks have become a very essential and normal part of daily lives. Due to COVID 19, it is required to wear a mask when out in public.  The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) has made this a mandatory rule since October 2020 to decrease the spread of the virus. Forgot your mask at your hotel? Well, don’t worry! Purchasing a mask has become readily available in many places such as the pharmacy and almost any convenience store. And even the vending machines at some subway stations! Wearing a mask is crucial to stop the spread of the COVID and is mandatory to wear when out anywhere in Korea.  So please remember to wear a mask when out!

Staying safe in Korea during COVID by wearing masks

Sanitizing & Disinfecting

Another item that has become a daily necessity like masks are hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizers have become a basic staple and are available at a majority of stores to purchase. They can also be spotted at establishments such as restaurants and shopping malls. They are also placed inside buses and taxi’s and at the entrances of subway stations. So forgetting to bring one along while out is not a problem. There would most definitely be a hand sanitizing station wherever you decided to go. The government has pushed the public to practice good hand hygiene, and while a washroom might not always be available the abundance of hand sanitizers are available to the public.

Temperature Checks in Korea

Another measure to ensure safety is the temperature checkpoint. Don’t be alarmed when you come across these. Most commonly seen at large places where people tend to go in and out of in large numbers. A temperature checkpoint will be at most entrances to make sure everyone is safe. Some of these places include department stores, hotels, large restaurants, bus terminals, and museums. There will most be a stand-alone temperature monitor or oftentimes an employee will be stationed and ask to check your temperature before letting you inside. So when this happens please follow their instructions. It’s only a precaution to ensure your safety and takes only a few seconds to complete. Once your temperature has been checked and isn’t above 37.5 C you’ll be good to go!

Social Distancing

This is another rule that is still currently in place to ensure everyone stays safe in Korea during COVID.  Even though a lot of things are starting to open back up again, social distancing rules are to be adhered to keep these places open.  Keeping a distance of 2 meters is the standard social distancing rule that people are excepted to follow when out in public places. Currently in South Korea is on level 2.5 f social distancing. So gatherings of 5+ people are not allowed. Also, restaurants and cafes can only offer take-out after 9 p.m.  The social distancing rules fluctuate depending on the number of cases so this rule is subject to change. But be aware that these changes might happen if you’d like to keep updated on the social distancing rules then feel free to visit KCDC official page for updates.

Staying safe in Korea during COVID by social distancing

What you can do

After arriving in South Korea and completing the quarantine regulations, then it’s finally time to set out into the country. South Korea has done a great job in decreasing the spread of the virus with the rules the government has put in place. These rules have ensured the safety of many people already here. And as long as they are followed can ensure yours as well. Make sure to keep updated with the government regulations and social distancing rules. Whether you here for holiday or using concierge services such as ours at Seoul Cosmetic Surgery, The best way to stay safe while in Korea during COVID is by following these steps. Want to learn more about traveling in South Korea during the pandemic? Check out our other blog post! There you will find out what you should know about traveling here and what to expect before arriving here.


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