How to Pack for Surgery: Tips From a Medical Facilitator

pack for surgery

How to Pack for Surgery: Tips From a Medical Facilitator

Many people who have to get ready for surgery face the dilemma of what to pack in their suitcase when preparing for a medical trip. They surely wonder what should they bring, the medicines, the clothes and what do they have to put in their hospital bag. We are writing this article to give you some advice on how to pack for surgery. Also, be sure to take a look at our checklist at the end of the blogpost to be sure you got everything you need.

Get as much information you can from the Internet

The first step to decide what to pack for surgery is to do some research about your destination Country. Search as much information as you can about the weather, drugstores, food, etc. Once you know the basic information you might need, check info about culture and tradition. This advice might seem strange to you, but a lot of incidents could happen. Hence your suitcase should have a little bit of everything.
pack for a surgery

Bring the necessary documents

This being said, you should really have all your documents in check. Aside from VISA, Medical Insurance, and Passport,  you really have to take with you a copy of your medical record. If you are going to a country where English is not the main language, consider having it translated. Obviously, if you travel with a medical facilitator like Seoul Cosmetic Surgery, you do not need to worry.

Choose your clothes carefully

An important thing to decide after you plan your medical trip is what to wear. Indeed, the typical suggestion would be to bring a little bit of everything if you pack for surgery. However, we are conscious that bringing with you a big suitcase on a medical trip might be inconvenient. While we advise you to vary, consider checking the weather forecast and google about the place you are going to.
Anyway, even if you want to look pretty for the pictures in a foreign country, you should bring comfortable clothes with you. Depending on the surgery you are doing, very heavy surgeries post-op will require you to be free from tight clothes. Loose and large clothes, baggy pants, and possibly clothes with loose elastic bands are the best. Those options might not be flattering, but they will be perfect choices both for your hospital bag and your recovery time.
pack for a surgery

Necessities to bring in a foreign country

When choosing what to pack for a surgery trip, other things you have to consider are food, pain relievers, and after-care products. In this case, your previous research about the destination country will be useful. For example, if you know you have allergies or you have specific food preferences, you might have to pack your own food.  A Medical Tourism Agency like Seoul Cosmetic Surgery can help find restaurants or general food you can eat, so you might consider contacting one.
Medicines are essential. Especially during the Pandemic, it would be wise to bring some with you. In many medical tourism destinations, medicines and pain killers will be available, however, dosages and availability might differ. We suggest bringing pain-killers and vital medicines so you can be sure to have what you need.

Essentials for hospital Stay

To conclude our tips about what to pack for surgery, take extra care when you are packing your hospital bag. You can pack necessities such as toothbrushes, slippers, nightgown, and some personal items. However, we highly suggest not to bring valuables nor health care-related items (they will be available at the hospital.


  1. Necessary Documents (Passport, ID, VISA, Insurance)
  2. Copy of Medical Records – possibly translated
  3. Food
  4. Medecines: Pain Killers & Post-Op Care
  5. Comfortable Clothes
  6. Personal Care Items


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