V Lift Surgery in South Korea

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V Lift Surgery in South Korea

Aging. That is one thing that we cannot stop and will always be out of our control. There are preventive products and other things you can do, but we will age. One of the first places it shows is in our face. But there is a way to regain that youthfulness into the skin. V lift surgery is a procedure that will give you that anti-aging effect and a slimmer jaw. 

V lift surgery

What is V Lift Surgery 


V lift surgery is a facial procedure that is an anti-aging face lift. By lifting the face, tightens the skin and gives your face back that youthful glow. This procedure works by, the surgeon first applies the anesthetic cream to numb the skin. Then the surgeon inserts the medical threads under the skin.   


Now, what makes it special is the medical thread that is used in this surgery. The medical thread is two to three times thicker than normal thread. The thick thread is what creates a double effect and becomes infused into the skin safely. The wrinkles become firm and tight so the effect stays in the skin for one to two years.  


What the medical thread does is sink into the skin and promote the growth of healthy tissue. Then the amazing v lifting technology used by the surgeons pushes the production of collagen and healing tissue to the skin. The enzymes tighten the skin around our face, making our original “U” shaped face into a sculpted “V” shape. 


But this surgery can be used in several places besides the jaw. It can tighten the skin around our face, the wrinkly corners of our eyes, or neck, and even our abdomen. The threads as well can be used on these parts and their benefits apply here as well. 


This is an incredible anti aging surgery and has amazing benefits that other anti aging procedures do not. 


Why get V Lift Surgery  

v-lift anti-aging surgery

 Unlike many other anti aging cosmetic surgeries, v lift surgery is a relatively short procedure. Depending on which area of the body, it only lasts between thirty minutes to an hour. It’s definitely a faster and less complicated surgery, compared to traditional lifting which is invasive to the body.  

For this procedure, The surgeons provide anesthesia so the whole procedure will be painless. Since V lift surgery is non invasive, there are also fewer side effects. Now you can get the occasional bruising, swelling, and bleeding post surgery, but the surgeons first perform skin tests. This is to make sure the surgery goes smoothly and well, and there will not be any side effects. 


So you can actually get this procedure any time of the day. You can get it done in the morning, put some sunscreen on, and then go about your business after. Also, since this is a relatively safe procedure, it also works for people that have sensitive skin, giving them amazing results.  


Since the thread dissolves in the skin, the effect is seen almost immediately so there is no recovery period. When done right the contours in the skin that are formed throughout the surgery are even and well defined. The question is where to go? 


South Korean Cosmetic Surgery 

Seoul at Night medical tourism

With any cosmetic procedure, you want to make sure you are getting the best results and have the best doctors. This procedure specifically is extremely important because v lift surgery requires extreme accuracy and you do not want to suffer any risks. It is why you should get the best doctors and board certified surgeons to perform this procedure. 


Here you will find the top rated Korean surgeons who have been constantly performing this surgery with amazing results. This surgery has become more popular over the years, and Korean doctors have been able to find the best methods when approaching this procedure. With their use of innovative technology for procedures all at a great price, South Korea has become the booming plastic surgery of the world. 


Going overseas to Korea has also become increasingly popular because people are getting their desired results all at a reasonable price. Many people continue to go overseas to South Korea for their cosmetic surgery is their use of medical tourism.  


Going overseas can be a bit scary. But medical tourism agencies make the process easier for the patient. We focus on safety and professionalism by partnering up with the clinics best suited for the patient’s surgical desires and at their required budget. 


With Seoul Cosmetic Surgery patients receive services including booking of flights, escort to the clinic, city touring, and more. Therefore, it is our priority that our customers always have a positive experience.  


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How Seoul Cosmetic Surgery Can Help 

Here at Seoul Cosmetic surgery we understand and respect the importance of the patient’s surgery. This is why we always strive and focus on connecting our clients with the best medical clinics in Seoul at their needed budget.  It is also why many patients and board certified doctors continue to trust and advocate for our agency.  Our doctors and surgeons are constantly practicing new and creative treatments for hair, skin, and more.  


Whatever your cosmetic and beauty goals are, Seoul Cosmetic Surgery can help you with the process and fulfill your goals. Get in touch with us today


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